Why Did So Many Gamers Want Watch Dogs to Fail?

CraveOnline: "When Watch Dogs was first announced at E3 2012 it arguably stole the show. Revealing the new IP during its own press conference, the game's developer Ubisoft wowed us all with its ambitious, high-concept new entry into the popular open world sub-genre, and it immediately became the most prominent blip on our radar."

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Neonridr1329d ago

It seems like some people want some games to fail to help give themselves assurance that the game they have labelled as their favorite game seems to be agreeable amongst the majority.

Hence why a lot of PS4 gamers say that XB1 games suck, and vice versa. It pads their own egos so to speak.

No clue why anyone would want this game to suck, it's a fun game and I am having a blast playing it. Graphics might not be up to the E3 2012 reveal but that doesn't mean they suck, the game is still quite pretty. Lots going on in the city, lots to do with side missions and stuff. Gives new gameplay opportunities with hacking, especially during driving missions.

Who knows why some people wish ill will towards someone or something..

JonnyBigBoss1329d ago

It's so counter-productive, though. It baffles me that anyone would do this. What is there to get out of a game doing poorly?

rodiabloalmeida1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

The main reason: Ubisoft lied so hard about many things regarding this game. That's it. They need to learn so the same doesn't happen again in the future (The Division, for instance).

alexkoepp1329d ago

I didn't care if it failed or not, I think it just looks like a crappy game. The graphics were never that impressive, even in 2012, and the whole concept of being a hacker was just lame. This game looked average at best, and thats about what the reviews said.

Naga1329d ago

@ Alexkoepp

You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but your opinion is not an educated one. The reviews have widely considered it a good game.

And having beaten the game just an hour ago, I can safely say it was a fantastic experience. Honestly, it was one of the more engaging and entertaining games I have played in a long time. You are missing out by writing it off without playing it.

... And that's an educated opinion for you.

starchild1329d ago

There are always a certain group of hipster contrarians that start hating on something any time that thing becomes hyped by a lot of people or is highly successful.

These people generally hate successful things. They hate anything that is popular. They tend to like obscure things and root for the underdog. This stems from the fact that they often have low self esteem and are bitter about people or things that are more successful than them. They identify with the underdog and see the underdog as an extension of themselves.

Ubisoft has been on a role with a string of successful releases such as Far Cry 3, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Child of Light and Asassin's Creed 4. This automatically makes some people want to hate them. This is part of the reason these people wanted to see Watch Dogs fail.

It's funny that many of these people see themselves as individuals and think they are better than the "majority", but in fact they are more like sheep. A true individual likes what they like regardless of whether it is popular or obscure. Not liking something just because it is popular is just as stupid as not liking something because it isn't well-known.

Anyway, this isn't the only factor behind the irrational hate that has been directed at Watch Dogs long before its release, but I do think it is a big part of it.

mcarsehat1329d ago

@ Naga

Those reviews that "have widely considered it a good game" are still just opinions. That is something that annoys me greatly, people abandon their own opinions on a product because they think that they will project a professional Critic's opinion with expectations of respect being garnered.

No one can be told to like something but i think 'alexkoepp' is in the group of people hating it because they read someone else's hateful opinion and used it a their own.

NukaCola1329d ago

WD was attacked by the media like every other game this gen. Some sheep followed suit. Real gamers don't want to see new IPs fail. Especially this one.

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Corpser1329d ago

They want multi plat games to fail so their platform exclusives look good and can win goty, so predictable

No_Limit1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )


You read my mind. It is fanboyism, nothing more. Just like anything from sports to smartphones to soft-drink brand, they want their system of choice to dominate and can't stand any success of the enemy brand and will try to do anything to downplay it.

For example, in the Forza Horizon 2 article earlier on both N4G and Neogaf, can't believe the amount of people secretly hoping that the game will be develop by the the same developer on both consoles and hoping the XB1 version will be affected (in a bad way) due to cross-gen. I mean one guy (I am not going to name name) even try to called out one of the IGN staff member that broke the news that the game will have different engine and the X360 version will be handled by a third party developer a liar and can't be trusted.

Sad to say but it is what it is and I don't think those people will change anytime soon. with E3 coming up, it is only going to be worst on both sides.

georgeenoob1329d ago

Lol, that was a fail. Some users (I will not state who) were making a HUGE deal out of cross-gen than normal, then a couple hours later came up the news that 360 version would be developed independently. They must feel stupid.

Meltic1329d ago

To Radiabloalmeida

Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Massive Entertainment is two diffrent teams. Those who works with the division team is Swedish and they main office is in Malmo sweden and ubisoft montreal is in Another country. They dont work togheter.

HonestDragon1329d ago

People like to nitpick, plain and simple. When a game gets a lot of press and positive flow, there are the ever vocal gamers who troll online and try to take everyone down a peg. Even when a game is released and gets above average to perfect review scores and awards, there will be the article writers out there to add their unwanted cynicism by saying how the game isn't all that great or worthy of praise.

Case in point from 2012: Far Cry 3 and Spec Ops: The Line. Both games had a good reputation among gamers and even had favorable review scores. But then there were the naysayers out there writing about how both games aren't all that great and fail to meet the same credentials like other triple A or indie titles. Basically, these were snobs and trolls in the most obvious of ways. It just goes to show that no matter how well a video game or even a movie does critically and financially, there will always be someone out there to ruin the mood.

Rachel_Alucard1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

It was because of the decisions the publisher made with the design of the game and most of it was just the bullshots that were used to promote it. Most people absolutely hate it when a publisher shows promo work that is 10X better than what actually comes out. They hated when they showed in-game footage only for it to be all bullshots. Many small things within the game itself are just terrible like the billboard XD MEME crowd pandering it has, or the short playtime and how unsatisfying it is when you just press X on everything.

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Chuk51329d ago

There are many reasons:

-The fixation on the graphics from a 2012 tech demo (even though we knew from it's showing last E3 it didn't look as good)
- Sub-1080p Resolutions for next-gen
-ubisoft's DLC onslaught
-The imagination people placed on to the game in spite of what it actually was (an action game facilitated by hacking as a tool of agency flavoring open world gameplay, not a comprehensive realization of cool hacking for videogames like quadrilateral cowboy)

Those are a few reasons, and I could really sympasize with the last one, but gameplay was never really the big issue for many people. In fact, the graphics talk, all the Ps buried the fundenemtal question of whether it was actually fun. Fun was almost entirely disappered into the lead up of WD release. Just downgradeton over and over. You know what though? Watch Dogs is fun, really, really fun. It takes ubisoft's best pieces and combines them into something more mechanically rock solid than anything rockstar has done.

I think WD is also an example of revealing a game to early and fundamental mismanagement of PR and messaging. I do believe Publishers need to cut through the bullshit alot of the time, and be clear on what their delivering in addition to not saturating gamers with endless footage.

DaleCooper1329d ago

The graphical downgrade was bad, but it's not like they hid it before the game came out. So it was expected. However, I really enjoy the gameplay and there are moments where the graphics really shine, especially the animations.

objdadon1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

I believe those who believed that cgi trailer at e3 are the ones hating. Bottom line they said it was cross gen, Nuff said! I'm smart enough to know over the years of cgi trailers ran on the highest end pc that most can't afford is not the final product! Especially when it's cross gen to begin with. I made the decision to purchase watchdogs on that day because the gameplay's setting and backdrop sparked my interest. Not because of graphics. I'm having a ball and it has exceeded my expectations!

starchild1329d ago

Exactly. Those who are acting shocked and butthurt that the game doesn't look exactly like the E3 2012 demo are being extremely disingenuous and/or naive.

Any gamer that has paid attention to the industry for any decent length of time knows that games can and often will change from their earliest demos to the final release. Games in development should always be considered as works in progress and subject to change in various ways as develpoment progresses and balances and tweaks have to be made.

We have known for a very long time more or less how Watch Dogs would look. Ever since they started showing the game on actual PS4 hardware (or at least the dev kit) I knew what to expect more or less for the final game. I knew the final PS4 version would be pretty close to those demos and the PC version would be a more refined version of THAT, not anything else.

When all is said and done, no, it doesn't look quite as good as that first E3 2012 demo, but it does look very very good for an open world game. I've played all the best looking games on the PS4 and PC and I still find myself being wowed by Watch Dogs on many occasions.

uth111329d ago

Right. If what was shown in 2012 could have been released as a game, why wouldn't they? Some of these people act like there's no tech limitations or trade-offs, and Ubi changed the graphics on a whim or something.

Starbucks_Fan1329d ago

Misleading information.

It is a great game though. I paid $50 for it and have no regrets.

gamerfan09091329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Because trolls online want everything to fail. They saw something they could attack on the game, the graphics, and tried to do a witch hunt on the game all the way up to its release. Gamers don't want this game to fail, they're buying it in droves and enjoying the game. People that make up dualshockers, N4G, Furiousfanboys and other sites of its kind want it to fail because these sites are made up of trolls that slammed the game before release and refuse to acknowledge any positives to the game.

HurstDarkStar1329d ago

Over advertised I guess, you can only like seeing someone telling about a new game so many times before hearing the name annoys you.

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