Who Could Be Playable in Hyrule Warriors?

From Midna to Makar, we come up with ideas for playable characters for Hyrule Warriors.

Hyrule Warriors will have multiple playable characters, and Producer Eiju Aonuma is supposedly very surprised by some of them. We know that Link (duh!) and Impa will be two of the playable characters, but who else could there be? Could we control Ganondorf in this game? Maybe Zelda? Tingle? Skull Kid?

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fatneal1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

midna needs to be in this fact midnas small form needs to be in smash hyrule warriors we need vaati and ganon of course...zelda is a given but is sheik? tingle would be a funny character to play as or along side...skullkid? yes please

Spooney3231479d ago

I believe Ganondorf at some point in time wasn't necessarily all that evil. Heck I believe he might have been enlisted to defend hyrules crown. This is where we finally see Ganon not on the opposing side but with the allies defending Hyrule from an onslaught of hoardish minions, trying to destroy our beloved Capitol. Ganon will be playable and fight along side Link and co. Long live Hyrule !

lilbroRx1479d ago

Skyward Sword pretty must consolidated Ganon as the most evil thing for all of eternity.

ChickeyCantor1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

All 3 entities ( link, zelda, ganon ) are incarnations of their predecessors.

Zelda is the reincarnation of the goddess Hylia.
The power of Hylia made sure Links spirit would reincarnate so that each Zelda would never be alone.
Ganon is the reincarnation of Demise. It's even safe to say evil enemies like Vaati are also products of Demises curse.

for we are many1479d ago

I think all the species and tribes inhabiting hyrule (Zoras, Gorons, Dekus, Kokiri elfs, thieves, skyloftians, etc) should be represented with AT LEAST a single warrior. I want to see Skull Kid, Darmani the Third, Darunia, Midna, Mikau Koume/Kotake, Ganondorf/Ganon, Tingle and even the Deku Tree itself!! I want them to go all out crazy!

Shida131475d ago

Honestly, I dont see anymore MAJOR characters being playable. Ganondorf and MAYBE Zelda. But thats really all. No Skull Kid, no Midna. My prediction? Playable characters will consist of the races of Hyrule. That's why the director or whatever was so surprised. It'll be Gorons, Zoras, maybe Mogmas, Deku Scrubs, and other things. You know it would make sense. All the races of Hyrule helping the 'Hyrule Warriors' fight the evil threat within Hyrule.