It’s Only a Game, So Put Up a Real Good Fight – Why “Social Justice” is Important For Games

Liam Lambert, GIZORAMA - "When I was growing up in the UK in the 1990s, my family and I would watch a snooker themed game show called "Big Break". The theme tune to said game show went something like this: "It's only a game so put up a real good fight. I'm gonna be snookering you tonight". The reason this song has been playing on repeat in my head of late is because "It's only a game" seems to be a rather prevalent attitude at the moment. Last week I wrote an article called "Dissecting Far Cry 4's Racially Insensitive Box Art", wherein I analysed why exactly the game's brazen box art was being called racist, but also why the lack of context and information given by Ubisoft meant that we ultimately shouldn't jump to conclusions about things when we don't possess all of the facts."

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SpiralTear1421d ago

There's nothing wrong for fighting for some sort of equality or form of balanced rights. It's really the way that these causes are presented that's the big problem. For some reason, lots of these issues are being brought up in ways that only exist for the sake of argument without offering any kind of proposed solution or real, intellectual discussion.

Not everything needs to be protested, boycotted or chewed out. Not everything has some social undertone that is trying to subtly attack other cultures or sexualities. Not everything needs to be some debate.

Games are really about fun, and while I agree that there are problems across multiple social stigmas that need to be addressed and fixed, when you're bringing up these issues and intruding upon other people's enjoyment, you're being just as narrow-minded and insensitive as the people you condemn.

If you want to talk social justice, you are free to do that, but there's a time and place for everything, and many people routinely choose the wrong ones.