Are Our Control Schemes Holding Up Our Games?

CCC Says: "For a while now, professional Smash Bros. players were worried that the new Smash would be completely unplayable. Why? Well, it appeared as if they couldn’t use the Gamecube controller, the chosen controller of choice for Smash Bros. competition, on the Wii U. The Gamecube controller was usable on the Wii due to its built in Gamecube controller ports but the Wii U had no such thing. So what were Smash players to do?"

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gravelchalice1453d ago

This is an interesting topic. I have a load of suddenly controller converters, for using other consoles controllers on various machines. I find it very useful but eventually I suppose I should move on.

BattleN1453d ago

yo know of a adapter I can use my 360 controller for WiiU? lol I dont think they exist yet!

gravelchalice1453d ago

To my knowledge, there's no such thing on the market. Plenty of people dub the Wii U pro controller a 360 clone, just grab one of those. ;)

BattleN1453d ago

U hear about the gamecube controllers nintendo has planned for smash? I think I'll wait and see what those are before I make a decision, thank you tho!

gravelchalice1453d ago

Yeah, there will be an adaptor so you can use any old GC pads you have but the thing I'm glad about is that they're producing new GC controllers! That is awesome!

wonderfulmonkeyman1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

I think gamers are a bit stuck in the past when it comes to their controllers.
I mean, aside from the Kinect and the Move, Sony and Microsoft have basically rehashed the same controllers with minor differences for generations now.

But they can't really be blamed for doing so, because gamers don't like getting used to new ones, even if they would be better than what came before.
Now even Nintendo is going back to giving gamers new versions of old controllers because it's, apparently, what gamers want, and out of all the companies Nintendo is the one most known for taking risks on new control schemes...

This latest bit about GameCube controllers being a hotly requested item for smash U, only solidifies my opinion that gamers are stuck in the past with their controller choices.
If more of them were open to change, maybe the Move, Kinect, and the Wii U would be selling more...