Kombat Returns - My Mortal Kombat Wish List

CCC Says: "There is nothing that gives me a nostalgic overload more than hearing the “GONG” sound of Mortal Kombat’s title screen. I literally cut my teeth on this fighting franchise (which in my estimation made Street Fighter its bitch). The mid ‘90s was such a fun time for a preteen kid like me to hang out at the arcade, and I have to credit a large part of that to the buzz generated around these digitized fighters. Even the home ports (some being better than others) were cause for many kids to beg their parents to buy them a whole new gaming system. I know, because I was one of those kids."

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MisfitsInc1359d ago

i would like to see Brutalities. just something other than a standard murder move, i'd like to see the characters literally beat each other to death