1 Year Later: Did Microsoft keep their E3 2013 Promises?

Let's look at what Microsoft told us at their 2013 briefing. After the somewhat unfocused reveal of the Xbox One in '13 May, Microsoft opted to focus on just games. And so they did—for both the 360 and the then-upcoming Xbox One, with a few select announcements thrown in for Xbox Live.

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NewMonday1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

- they promised never to debundle Kinect, sooo

- the Black Tusk game was another false promise, turns out it was just a CGI trailer anyway and everybody was going"OMG the graphics!"

- they promised to be the biggest place for games, but many 3rd party games are ignoring the XB1, the result so far is that PS4 has over double the games, and in the future that trend will increase, games like the next DBZ and Samurai Warriors are not coming to the XB1.

ats19921326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

In my opinion both companies haven't delivered on their promises yet.

You could say sony promised 1080p/60fps for all games on ps4 yet only one exclusive runs at that. Plus Sony said 1080p/60fps makes you a better gamer and everyone knows that was a load of crap. Sony also said watchdogs was going to be 1080p/60fps on the ps4 and that was a lie.

Sony has also been promising the last guardian for about 7 years now and where is that at?

NewMonday1325d ago

that stuff was mostly fan-talk, non of it E3 statements, other than the DC delay and something about mp3

Sony delivered on the big promises of self-publishing, no pay-wall for non gaming apps and F2P MP games and being the best place to play.

and remember if MS had their way we would be living in world of DRM/always-online/TV first but the competitiveness of Sony forced them to backtrack. MS would have had you for lunch, dinner, breakfast and brunch.

pompombrum1325d ago

I love how defensive some people get.. An Xbox article designed to discuss Microsoft's promises and you go turn it into a Sony rant. I think Xbox fans are more obsessed with Sony than the PS4 owners.

NewMonday1325d ago


chill out!

Was responding to ats1992, he brought up Sony not me

raWfodog1325d ago

@ NewMonday

I believe that aiBreeze WAS responding to ats1992. Read it again and try to not be so defensive.

NewMonday1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )



sorry aiBreeze, was getting to many personal attacks lately and got twitchy.

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XiSasukeUchiha1326d ago

I have {No comment} towards this but now ever since Phil came on the scene he is saving Xbox from destruction.

TheSaint1325d ago

So before that Xbox was headed for destruction? If I could be bothered I'd go and search some topics and list the times you and your fanboy clan have said the opposite.

AngelicIceDiamond1325d ago

- the Black Tusk game was another false promise, turns out it was just a CGI trailer anyway and everybody was going"OMG the graphics!"

Yeah MS said it was CGI. It was mainly to introduce Black Tusk's studios.

- "they promised to be the biggest place for games, but many 3rd party games are ignoring the XB1,"

Maybe a good amount of indies are ditching out of X1 but not third party.

I don't see any evidence of that considering MS is said to announce a third party exclusive game at E3.

Dragon Ball Z and Samurai Warriors. Lol what number of ppl will be upset about those games not coming to X1? I'll give you a hint a very small minority. Lol your grasping there.

Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final XV are the ones that REALLY matter to X1.

NewMonday1325d ago

Games like Dynasty Warriors and DBZ spawn regular sequels because they each have a dedicated following, bigger than an unknown IP like Quantum Break the developers previous game AW barley passed 500k despite heavy marketing. And DW and DBZ are just examples of a growing trend

What matters to you and what matters to others are not always mutual, with the PS4 having double the games and more diversity a larger spectrum of consumer will be accommodated. The XB1 has a much smaller library and the games mostly cater to the same crowd.

dismiss all you want on these forums but in the real world the XBone is getting dismissed.

Zichu1325d ago


Alan Wake has over 1 million sales O.o
It's pretty good for a brand new IP.

DW and DBZ on the other hand, well established and well known franchises, especially DBZ which spans across many types of media, barely made 500k on Ultimate Tenkaichi on it's main platform, which is the PS3.

DBZ hasn't been good since the original Budokai Trilogy on the PS2.

Just because a series releases a game often doesn't mean they are good, CoD does a yearly release, doesn't mean it's the best game ever. It's an average game with a massive following of dudebros.

Now, I'm not trying to downplay DBZ or DW, but they don't have the biggest following in the world.

Charybdis1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Unknown indie ip's or new triple AAA ip's are a good thing in my book. Why compare dbz and dynasty warriors with quantum break, ofcourse they have bigger followings as they are established franchises.

Agree: "What matters to you and what matters to others are not always mutual" This seems to be the case as personally I find the diversity of the more prominent games more diverse on the xb1 at least at this moment.

NewMonday1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )


The DW and DBZ sales pass 1 million regularly on all platforms, that means the fan base is dedicated, and like I said they are just an example, one group of DW fans, another group of DBZ fans, another group of Souls fans, another group of indy fans another group of MMO fans...

This is diversity, CoD is the biggest franchise in gaming but just about 15% of console gamers buy it, what do you think the other 85% buy?

The smaller XBone library is less likely to satisfy most gamers but it is still possible if uncommon if that wasn't the case the XB1 would have close to zero sales.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

You're always full of shit. Xbox fanboys are not going to run out and buy Kingdom Hearts III or FF.

OT: They reversed all there policies not because of fans but because they were going to lose out on sells. I like my Xbox One its a decent console. I'm just ready for them to announce a lot of exclusives at E3.

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lelo1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

At this moment both the PS4 and X1 don't deserve all the fuss they are getting. Where the hell are the AAA games ?

thricetold1324d ago

THAT should be what all the fuss is about, instead we have MS fanboys still spouting delusional nonsense to justify their terrible purchase and sony fanboys hyping everything that they can(which is EXTREMELY annoying) to diss (do people still use diss?)the ms fanboys.

Don't know which is worse but I do know its gamers that lose out. All this fanboy crap is doing is giving these devs/pubs cover to continue to not deliver.

Septic1325d ago

When did they promise anything with Black Tusk?

"- they promised to be the biggest place for games, but many 3rd party games are ignoring the XB1"

Eh?? Which third party dev is ignoring the Xbox One?

Charybdis1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

They didn't but what happened with the dark sorcer I thought it also was a tech demo.

Ghoul1325d ago

"They didn't but what happened with the dark sorcer I thought it also was a tech demo."

dark sorcerer was allways a tech demo (not a game demo) and nothing else, it was marketed and presented that way, dont try to make something out of nothing

callahan091325d ago

Lots of third party devs have announced or released games for PS4 without releasing on the Xbox One.

Tecmo-Koei: Dynasty Warriors & Nobunaga's Ambition games
Arc System Works: Guilty Gear Xrd
Blueside: Kingdom Under Fire 2
Sega: Yakuza
Milestone: MotoGP 2014
Frictional Games: Soma
Acquire: Akiba's Trip 2
D3: Earth Defense Force
Nambo-Bandai: Idolmaster, Gundam games
Grasshopper: Lily Bergamo

and others.

marlinfan101325d ago


"i think xbox fans are more obsessed with sony than ps4 owners are"

thats funny because the first comment on this article (a xbox article) was from one of the biggest sony fanboys on this site.

trywizardo1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

debundling the kinect is a positive note
the clack tusk thing is true , but they're making a new gears of war so its a win too
i only see indie games are missing on X1 other wise it have same line up as PS4 and better exclusives so far ...

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AngelicIceDiamond1326d ago

MS held up to its E3 promise's but definitely not its policies.

jessupj1325d ago

...and the entire gaming industry breathes a sigh of relief.

AceBlazer131326d ago

Thank God they didn't keep their promises.

Baszs1325d ago

MS held up to most of them... Can't wait to see todays list of Sony's list of promises..

Volkama1325d ago

I don't actually think Sony promised much at E3. They scored a massive victory on physical media/DRM policies and price, and they rode that wave with a big smile on their faces for 2 or 3 months after that.

IrishSt0ner1325d ago

Yea they sure won on DRM policies. Ironically, now as a result I'm stuck with paying full retail for digital games which I can never share or sell due solely on the reversal of these policies. Back to the good old days of breaking discs and disc drives.

Baszs1325d ago

A victory you say! sure i agree on that..
It's not like they actually had the DRM plan in place
and changed it at the last second for public praise.
they even changed their terms of agreement about reselling games etc.

for some information about that:

So in the end, both console changed their minds..
only sony got away with before any harm was done.

They probably had a advantage of having the pressconfrence after MS.

Volkama1325d ago

@Baszs yes, public praise is a victory regardless of what was going on behind the scenes.

urwifeminder1325d ago

Not sure can not remember what they promised any hoo looking forward E3 this year .

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