Mario Kart 8 sells over 1.2 million units worldwide over first weekend

In its first weekend, Mario Kart 8 managed to sell more than 1.2 million units worldwide, Nintendo has announced.

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randomass1711387d ago

Wow! Now that's pretty awesome.

Webbyy1387d ago

Wow, That's insane. Congrats to Nintendo

randomass1711387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

So I guess this is Nintendo's first real killer app of the generation? Either way, over one million units in a single week on Wii U is astounding!!

edit: @jcnba28 Whoops! You're right! That's even better!!

jcnba281387d ago


You mean 1 million units over a single weekend!

darthv721387d ago

Not only is the game selling really well but the MK8 bundles are moving nicely too.

And having the free game promo is helping as well. I have yet to pick up my copy but when i do...I am leaning towards WWHD, or Pikmin 3...ugh now i cant decide.

Neonridr1387d ago

@darthv72 - If you haven't played Wind Waker from the Gamecube, I would go for that. If you have played it, then give Pikmin a try if you are open minded.

Don't get me wrong, both games are fantastic, but I would take a new experience over a reimagined one. WWHD is still beautiful to look at and would be a very strong recommendation even for purchase. But Pikmin 3 is beautiful and very addictive.

NewMonday1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

proves the PS4/WiiU is the best combo right now.

this is the first big popular MP game on the WiiU, SSB will have a similar effect, if Nintendo can get the price down to $200 the WiiU can actually be saved.

Zelda is the Nintendo game for me and will buy the console as soon as the game is released, the backlog should great by that time.

guitarded771387d ago

I bought it because of the free game promo. Not that I wouldn't want the game on its own, I just wouldn't spend $60 for the game on its own. I had been wanting to replay Wind Waker, so it was a good deal for me.

@ Darth - Either WWHD or Pikmin are good choices. If you've already played WWHD on the Cube, then I say go for Pikmin. It will at least be a new experience.

ZodTheRipper1387d ago

I just got mine a few hours ago, it's the best Mario Kart yet =)
Still got Watch Dogs and Transistor to play on PS4 ...damn >.<

MeLoveRamen1387d ago

newmonday, the wii u is worth the $300 dollars as it is, it is most defiantly worth getting now than it is getting a ps4 or a xbone. I don't see why you think it is worth so little? It has an ass load of exclusives just look them up and most importantly most of their exclusives are praised and insanely good. BTW my backlog for my wii u ( just bought one last week for mk8) is already huge, i bought mk8, pikman3, zelda wind waker hd, donkey kong tf,mario bros u, mario 3d word, zombiu, and wonderful 101 and there are a lot more games i want to buy for it, it has a lot more games that i want then my ps4 or

UltraNova1386d ago


Well thats good for you dude but some of us like our the last of us...

See what I did there?

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GamingSinceThe80s1387d ago

I do wonder how much them giving away a free game with every copy of MK8 played in these great sales thoughAnd not a bad game they let us choose from their best.I'm happy for them ether way but curious none the less.

XiSasukeUchiha1387d ago

That's really good for Nintendo, and the gaming industry as a whole.

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Concertoine1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

This is good, even by Nintendo standards.

The real question is how much hardware it shifted.

This is probably the best launch for an exclusive this year so far. Over 20% of owners went out and bought this game within 3 days, unless the hardware sales bump it to less than 20%. Either way, this shows an insane level of dedication to first party software.

Anyone got the balls to predict Wii U numbers due on wednesday?

3-4-51387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

1.8 Million by Wednesday ^

This is awesome though. Finally a system seller than people beyond Just Nintendo fans are taking notice of.

This game is so full of quality.

randomass1711387d ago

That's kid stuff. Let's go the full two million! :P

Concertoine1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I was talking hardware. I'm going to bet somewhere around 100-150k on launch week, not much of a decrease the next week because of bundle shortages. Being optimistic.

Overall in the coming months the baseline of the wii u's weekly sales will rise to a level on par with the xbox one (keeping in mind the wii u is sold in japan). This is assuming Nintendo markets the free game deal ending July 31st as well as the bundle continuously.

It won't outsell the PS4 WW because Watch Dogs will boost PS4 by around 20k, but it will rule Japan for the coming weeks.

Neonridr1387d ago

Concertoine - Japan should have a good boost in hardware numbers, so we shall see. I would like to think that they will surpass the 200k mark for the week worldwide. Time will tell.

iplay1up21387d ago

I have not played Watchdogs since Friday, and I downloaded NSMBU as my free game, only played that for all of 30min, this game is just plain FUN.

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Spotie1387d ago

That's exactly the question I want to know. Other big releases have done well on the Wii U, but few have moved anything like the hardware numbers you'd hope or expect.

It supports the idea that the games aren't appealing to too many people outside of Nintendo's loyal fanbase, and they need more than that right now.

GordonKnight1387d ago

Nintendo has a large loyal fanbase then.

thehobbyist1387d ago

Many places sold out of the bundles. So I imagine it's having no trouble moving the cheaper, non-bundle consoles.

SpiralTear1387d ago

Wii U system sales are up over 600 percent in the UK, a region that routinely passes on Nintendo hardware. That's a damn good start, I'd say.

jcnba281387d ago

Now that is impressive. Well done Nintendo!