Top 5 Most Anticipated Games At E3 2014

The Tyuno Project: "Well guys, E3 2014 is just around the corner. Every gamer around the world is waiting to hear the latest announcements on what new games are coming in the near future. It’s going to be an interesting to see what new games are coming to the PS4, the Xbox One and the Wii U. So I figured that since everyone else is making their list of their most anticipated games that they want to see at this year’s E3, I might as well make my own. So here is my TOP 5 most anticipated games that I want to see at this year’s E3."

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Geobros1357d ago

Where are Zelda U and Monolith's X?

WeAreLegion1356d ago

It's a personal list. Those are his most anticipated.

Geobros1356d ago

Yes you had right, I hadn't read the description, I saw only the games. He says clearly that this is a personal list...

Jirachi1355d ago

when's the last time you played a good console zelda game?

Geobros1355d ago

It was with my Nintendo 64 console, Ocarina of Time to be honest. But...after Ocarina I played nice hand-held Zelda's by Capcom.

WeAreLegion1356d ago

My top 5:

1) The Last Guardian
2) Media Molecule's new IP
3) Uncharted 4
4) Battlefront III
5) Guerrilla's RPG

modesign1356d ago

1. uncharted4
2. guerrilla RPG
3. the last guardian (maybe a release date)
4. dark souls 2
5. project morpheaus.

incendy351356d ago

Halo 5
Uncharted 4
Half Life 3
Metroid U
Zelda U

No order they are all tied in anticipation level.

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