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Arthur Tolmie: "I played the original Homefront back when it was released in 2011 and I was left, if I am honest, feeling a little underwhelmed. It was a very generic by the numbers shooter that never really got going until the very last mission, which saw you and your band of freedom fighters assaulting the Golden Gate Bridge. By that point the game had become more a trudge to the end than a charge to victory."

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Yahdaree1507d ago

I loved the multiplayer but it was buggy. The single player was cool but really short....

joab7771507d ago

Just doesnt do anything for me. We always see these same trailers and then when the game releases, its the same as it always was. Start here, follows these guys, shot bad it again.

The original Homefront multiplayer had good ideas but was plagued by issues. Maybe they built on that. I am just tired of the same fps games. I am looking forward to destiny b/c it looks to b blending a few different genres.