Falling Skies: The Game first screenshots, details

NE: "Little Orbit has published the first screenshots for Falling Skies: The Game, and we have several details about the title as well."

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Dirtnapstor1450d ago

State of Decay meets aliens... I always thought Falling Skies would make a great game.

3-4-51449d ago

Releasing for Wii U too ? awesome.

Sevir1450d ago

Falling Skies reminded me of Resistance:Fall of Man that's why I loved it. This game should be a next gen release though

user56695101450d ago

So I'm guessing the ai will be broken but it would be perfect in a sense. I love the concept of the show but can't watch a whole episode because of the dumbest characters I ever seen in a TV show.

TheSaint1450d ago

I'm guessing this will not pan out, TV/film franchises rarely do, even though the source material is ripe for the plucking.