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Submitted by Ramon3MR 619d ago | opinion piece

Can the Xbox One compete with the PS4 at $399?

GotGame: By making it an option, Microsoft has done what Sony has been doing since November, making it a $100 add-on that some will get for small enjoyment but many will ignore in lieu of getting another game with a new console purchase. On paper, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are relatively similar. Depending on the developer, graphics will look better on whatever system they’re more used to developing on. (PS4, Xbox One)

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lifeisgamesok  +   619d ago
Is the sky blue?

Better launch lineup, the controller doesn't feel cheap, better announced games for 2014, more multiplayer experiences
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user7402931  +   619d ago
not for microsoft
Kingthrash360  +   619d ago
I don't think so either. It didn't do anything for x1 sales when tf bundle plus price drop plus free xbl for a year. Why would this sell it now?
Its still overpriced in comparison. That's fact, every thing lifeisgamesok said is pure opinion.
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blitz0623  +   619d ago
I can't see the $399 version boosting the sales that much. The $449 Titanfall bundle (which is of better value since it also had Kinect) didn't outsell the PS4. The $399 will definitely help, but if people are expecting the X1 to suddenly overtake the PS4 then they're mistaken
kingfetish17  +   619d ago
Cheapest I've seen a new PS4 in the past couple weeks was $324 on Groupon. Coupled with better looking & running multiplats due to stronger internal specs, the PS4 is still the better value approaching summer.

E3 will be a difference maker for both consoles. Sony got my money guaranteed due to their future exclusives alone. I'm personally waiting for XB1 announcements at E3 and for Sunset Overdrive reviews before I even consider an XB1 purchase. I would hold out for an inevitable XB1 Slim at a $299 price point too.
bicfitness  +   619d ago
Launch is over, and look at either Metacritic or IGN's software list and PS4 has TWICE the games. Literally. At least 10 MMORPGs too; F2P and not, so no the X1 does not have "more" MP experiences, not objectively. Everything else you've listed is subjective.
Lord_Sloth  +   619d ago
Warframe won the launch. Your "argument" is invalid.
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Whatever4Ever  +   619d ago
WarFrame sucks!!!!
Lord_Sloth  +   619d ago
Maybe you're just a poor excuse for a Ninja!
DVAcme  +   619d ago
I don't know if it "won" the launch, but Warframe IS definitely the F2P game with the biggest value by far. I've found the game immensely fun.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   619d ago
I actually have both and the DS4 feels much much more comfortable than the XB1 controller. And just because it has TF it has more multiplayer experiences ? OK.

OT: I think it can honestly.
Eonjay  +   619d ago
They need a must have title or something that's hype is rooted in real anticipation and not something manufactured. It needs to be fresh, new, and something that belongs to them. Halo is a great title for shipping consoles. Halo 5 could have shipped double the consoles as Titanfall easily. Its a really great IP they own. If they can copy that success with a new IP they may be able to do it. But they will also need some luck. Sony keeps hitting all the right notes at exactly the right time. Their silence is disconcerting because it means they are about to strike.
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aiBreeze  +   619d ago
Don't own a PS4 but the Xbox One controller feels pretty cheap in my hands compared to my nice limited edition Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 controller that's still going strong.

Still, the X1 can easily hang with the PS4. Providing Microsoft have a few aces up their sleeves for the Christmas period, with the prices the same, I think they can enjoy a good end to the year.
Bennibop  +   619d ago
Not sure stripping away features is going to help, kinect was the x1 usp, but Microsoft did nothing to show why it is worthwhile. Ps4 has had no such problem with its identity so I think the momentum will remain
ger2396  +   619d ago
You just described the ps4, I'm glad to see you're coming to your senses.
harrisk954  +   619d ago

"Controller doesn't feel cheap"...

Ummm. I don't know if you have used the DS4, but it has received wide acclaim, with most of the reviews stating that it is actually better than the XB1 controller. Although, this is certainly subjective, the DS4 feels anything but "cheap".

"Better launch lineup"...

Also, completely subjective. The only "launch" game that I was interested in prior to the launch of the XB1 was Ryse and that has turned out to be a lackluster game with nice graphics (downgraded from the pre-launch trailers). So, not really that disappointed about missing it. The rest? If you want to include Titanfall vs. Infamous:SS, I chose Infamous, only because I would not buy a multi-player only game. Plus, Titanfall 2 will be on the PS4. So, if I want, I will be able to get that experience later. Plus, I can still play it on PC if I want to. PLUS, I am enjoying MLB: The Show, which is the only baseball game available this year for any platform.

"Better games announced for 2014"...
Again, subjective. The games I am really looking forward to this year are multiplatform, including Batman:AK, Shadow of Mordor, and Dragon Age... Then, there is Destiny and Diablo 3 (both designed with PS4 as the lead console).

"More multiplayer experiences"...

Huh? That makes absolutely zero sense. Unless, you are referring to Titanfall, which is multiplayer only. Still, your statement makes no sense at all.
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DVAcme  +   619d ago
Agreed on all counts. I for the life of me can't imagine why anyone would say the DS4 feels cheap. The plastic is harder than the DS3's, the triggers have been MASSIVELY upgraded, it has both an internal speaker and a jack for headsets and it has the touchpad. Oh, and the SHARE button, and we know how much use THAT is getting from the community. It has more features than the XB1 controller, which is basically just the X360 controller with a few tweaks.
Malphite  +   619d ago
It doesn't matter who had the best launch lineup by now. Better upcoming games is subjective and it doesn't make sense to debate that point before E3.

More online expiriences? I'd say the PS4 trumps the X1 in that regard with: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, DC Universe Online, Blacklight: Retribution, Warframe, War Thunder and upcoming games like PlanetSide 2, H1Z1, Deep Down,
mochachino  +   619d ago
Both consoles launch line up in terms of exclusives lacked quality games. In terms of good games though, PS4 destroys in genre variety, Xbox's biggest exclusive is an online only MP shooter that people are already abandoning, I can just play the better BF4 and infamous. Then the better version of other 3rd party games with the better controller. IMO.

Xone analog sticks have HUGE dead zones and the PS4 triggers dominate. Imo
AngelicIceDiamond  +   619d ago
Realistically yeah I think it can.

Sunset Overdrive a new Forza Horizon plus the rumored Halo trilogy remasters I think it has a great shot of competing.
majiebeast  +   619d ago
Nope. Its like what 271 on Amazon best sellers. Its not just about the price its also about the mindshare,

Microsoft is losing in their strongest markets while Playstation kept theirs(mainland Europe) and took over the UK and US.

Price isn't gonna change anything, its now just a weaker PS4 that runs games worse then the PS4 for the same price.
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Brazz  +   619d ago
compete? yeah, sure.
Win? no way....
Anon1974  +   619d ago
I agree. Price is certainly a factor, but it's only one factor. When you look back at the 360 Arcade/Core, for was well below the price of the PS3 (almost as cheap as a Wii) and yet the PS3 handily outsold the 360 worldwide from the moment the PS3 was available on the market, despite the PS3's pricing disadvantage.

Without a doubt the Xbox One's price drop will move a few units off store shelves, but to act like a price cut is a panacea that will take care of all the Xbox One's current problems for why it hasn't connected with consumers en masse is a bit naive. We're a year away, if not more, from seeing Xbox games like Halo or Gears of War which traditionally attract people to the Xbox fold. Titanfall has already come and gone and failed to really ignite any interest. If Titanfall couldn't do it with a fanbase notoriously in love with shooters, do we really think Forza is going to change minds at this point? So, what we have to look forward to on both systems for the next year are multiplat games that look and run better on one of those systems over the other. The core gamers that pick up multiplat games like Watch Dogs or Call of Duty are the kinds of gamers that graphical differences will sway them one way or another when buying two similarly powered systems.

And then there's the PSN+/free games advantage to factor in with Playstation Now tantalizingly looming on the horizon. But the Xbox One also acts as an enhanced cable box in the US, right? Seriously...I think the Xbox One is a decent bit of hardware but I think if a price cut is going to make it more competitive, it would actually need to be $50-100 cheaper than a PS4 to make a difference at this point. Perhaps that will change with MS announcements in the future, but it's pretty clear which pony to bet on at this stage in the race.
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metalmatters  +   619d ago
Well said man, the fact remains, the xbone is still overpriced compared to the PS4. Its underpowered, technically youre getting a less capable PS4 for the same price as the PS4.

Yes I know xbox fans are banking all their faith in the 2 most overused marketing trends, the infamous cloud service and the coveted DX12. The problem is these 2 technologies are yet to be released worse yet is we're not entirely sure just how much more are they going to improve the xbones performance, they definitely will improve the xbone, but just how much more? say more so than the ICE team will improve the PS4s performance?

I do feel this price will give the xbone a more competitive flair, to the casuals, they wont know what system is better specs wise, theyll see the same price tag and just go by what games they like or by what their family members recommend. Microsoft and Sony can forget that no marketing scheme can beat the all mighty word-of-mouth titan. Thats how you get real sales. So far word-of-mouth is PS4 kicks ass, and xbone has some problems
KNWS  +   619d ago
As it stands now more gamers have bought the PS4. Lets see what happens after E3. Lot more gamers will be switching this year from old gen to new gen. E3 will be a deciding factor.
jXales  +   619d ago
This is true

Ive been on the fence since launch..

Waiting for a must have.
None so far this gen for me... Many i Will get once i jump! But no must have now out

E3 is tickling My curiosity tho
monkey48  +   619d ago
More competitive price? Yes. But will it compete with PS4, highly doubtful. PS4 is more appealing to majority of the population.
metalmatters  +   619d ago
not only that it happens to be a little more powerful
Immorals  +   619d ago
All my friends who have next gen consoles (bar 1!) have gone for XBox 1. Then again, most of my friends were 360 owners.
Boody-Bandit  +   619d ago
All of my friends owned both the 360 and PS3 but preferred the 360 overall. This generation all of them own a PS4 and some of them own both (X1 / PS4) but all of them prefer the PS4 over the X1. At least as of right now. But unless MS has a couple blockbuster unforeseen announcements? I don't see that changing any time soon.

I have both and have a played a few of the multiplat titles on both consoles. The PS4 clearly has the edge in power. It's not even debatable. It's not just in textures, resolution or effects but overall performance. Even with a game like Trials Fusion the differences are noticeable.

This price drop will have next to know impact at all. Just look at when TF was bundled, price drop and some were even offering free XBL. It still had very little impact. Also I don't think it's just games. MS has to drop the price even further and offer more value with XBL (free and discounted content) and more consumer friendly policies overall.

E3 is going to be very telling.
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Immorals  +   619d ago
The original reveal and the higher price point put more people off than the power difference.

Ps4 seems to have more games than the one, but all the games I want this generation so far are XBox games, just my tastes I guess!
Foraoise  +   619d ago
Adding to what Immorals said, I know people who still think the Xbone has all the drm-things (always online, pay-to-play disc on another console, etc.) still in-tact who don't even know about the 180. To the average person, Microsoft hasn't gone out of their way to really ADVERTISE that they've dropped these chains. That's definitely hindering.
metalmatters  +   619d ago
the honest truth, brutal but true
Jrmy84  +   619d ago
I'm a 360 owner, xboxone was must buy till all the DRM garbage. We have enough DRM going on with our PCs, to stomach my console doing it, made me vomit in my mouth every time I read news and posts about it. So I went back to Sony this gen. Don't get me wrong I'm buying a Xboxone down the line but, I wasn't about to get screwed over by a company for games that's cost $60 plus so. Now all that being old news, I'm still waiting to see what they are going to do. I agree with other posts, E3 is gonna be a factor especially for me.
Whatever4Ever  +   619d ago
Completely agree. They pissed me off also with all that DRM garbage. I don't own a PC so but ain't no one gonna mess around with my hard earned money by making up some new bull$!-! Rules.That's how you lose an install base. All these kids defending Microsoft like they are gods...
DVAcme  +   619d ago
DRM, trying to phase out digital media, the focus on media over gaming, the still narrow genre selection over PS4... I would have bought a PS4 over the XB1 anyway just because of what it DOESN'T do, let alone the features it does have.
mochachino  +   619d ago
I don't know a single person with an Xone, every one bought PS4. But when playing online together we all need the same console. I got my PS4 on launch and the rest just bought theirs when it became available.
marijanFTW  +   619d ago
it can't. xbox one was 450$ in some places in march with free titanfall and camera still PS4 demolished it. game over microsoft. it is time for new console
Shinuz  +   619d ago
As much as I hate microsoft of course it can compete with the ps4 at that price point, especially in canada since the ps4 is now 450$
snookiegamer  +   619d ago
The Xbox brand has a loyal will establish itself in the market. Yeah it's a slower start than it's competitor, but Xbox One has legs.

I doubt anyone can seriously argue against, that from a technical point of view, the Xbox One cannot compete with PS4. I guess it all comes down to the content at the end of the day. MS have made promises I am sure they will be forced to keep after all the backtracking.

You can purchase a used Kinect 2 from UK based CEX for 20GBP right now for those interested in a replacement or plan on getting the cheaper Kinect-less Xbox One available next week.
stuna1  +   619d ago

You constantly type subjective opinions as truth! Maybe it would be better if you also typed a disclaimer at the end of your comments also.

On topic; In my honest opinion, I think most gamers have pretty much gotten a whiff of the stench the PR at Microsoft gave off this past year and as much as many were complaining about Kinects and a higher price tag, I think it goes a lot deeper than that! There is a level of mistrust in the air concerning Microsoft policies or reversal of policies depending on how you view it.

There's also concrete proof that the Xbox1 is lagging behind its closet competitor power wise that's showing up in the games. And although some here state that they don't see a difference or, there is no difference! Truth is most opinions here don't really translate well as the opinions of the majority out in the real world.

One would have to be crazy to believe only we who converse on massage boards are the only ones who notice the subtlety of changes and respond accordingly to them.
AceBlazer13  +   619d ago
Doubt it. From what we're seeing so far it seems the 360's success was a fluke, so the Xbox is going back to what it was.
DVAcme  +   619d ago
It wasn't so much a fluke as it was that Sony was kind of unfocused last gen. But Sony learned MASSIVELY from their mistakes last gen, while MS tried to reinvent the wheel while at the same time trying to screw over consumers. We're smarter gamers now and decided to go with the smarter company this new gen.
HexxedAvenger  +   619d ago
It might pick up a little steam. Kinda wish it was $350.
PS4 has got it in the bag tho. Just have to wait for those games.
Tales RPG addict  +   619d ago
Yes it can compete but i don't see it outselling the PS4 by any means. PS4 has a variety of games and as it is Shooter games are starting to lose their Steam.
ricochetmg  +   619d ago
Ps4 lead is going to stay worldwide but in the US Ms has a chance.
KNWS  +   619d ago
I wouldn't say that Gears of War and Halo are very popular in Europe and Worldwide. Gears of War especially in the UK. I see Microsoft doing very well in Europe, within the next two years.

I believe some people did switch to the PS4. I know for a fact some did, but i also know for a fact, most x box fans are still using the 360 and waiting it out. The people who bought a PS4 they'll buy the x box 1, when more games come out for it.

Microsoft had a terrible pre-launch, but Microsoft will catch up to Sony.
ricochetmg  +   619d ago
how do you believe that ?
Whiskeyjacked87  +   619d ago
Going oUT on a limb and saying "helllll nooo!"
HappyWithOneBubble  +   619d ago
Can the Xbox One compete with the PS4 at $399?
*cough* NO *cough*
jnemesh  +   619d ago
Let's see...I have $400 to spend. I can either get

1. an underpowered console with fewer games...


2. the console with the best graphics and a larger number of games to play on it.

Gee...I wonder what most people will buy...
pornflakes  +   619d ago
Best graphics? I cant see a game right now on the ps4 looking better as Ryse.

larger number of games?? you mean this indi shiat games?? Cause in terms of 1st party games MS has right now most.
Foraoise  +   619d ago

There ya go, boss.

(denial at its finest)
ThatOneGuyThere  +   619d ago
your denial is disturbing.
KinjoTakemura  +   619d ago
Infamous Second Son has Ryse beat with it's gameplay and graphics. Ryse is a pile of warm poo in a pretty bag.

Outlast, Resogun, Don't Starve, Final Fantasy, DC Universe Online, Warframe, are far from sh*t games. The games i've just mention outclass and rate higher in reviews than any of the mediocre titles available for Xbox One. I understand you defending the console you like, but saying PS4's games are sh*t when all of the evidence clearly shows that the Xbox One exclusives are actually piles of steaming warm poo, is just being disingenuous.
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Destiny1080  +   619d ago
x1 is a screen tearing beast of a console
pornflakes  +   619d ago
in terms of sales?? who knows... sony has many idiotic buyers this gen, ppl buy the console just because of the playstation brand.

I mean, where are the games for the PS4?? none good exclusives for 2014, PSN is worse compared to PS3... where is the reason RIGHT NOW to buy a PS4?? For. indi games? lol

For hardware power? lmao... PCs have for the same money 2x power compared to consoles.

MS is right now on 1st place in terms of games... Ryse is still the best looking game so far but who cares? the gameplay is a boring as KZ shadowfall.
No_Limit  +   619d ago
Sure, MS spent over a billion dollars on games for XB1 and they are focus more than ever so I expect they will compete as long as the games keep coming, me and many others will continue to support them. Competition is good as I am happy for the price drop, the constant update to the UI, all the new games coming out and the changes made to live. MS has the money, they are in for the long haul.
mochachino  +   619d ago
They spent 1 bill on exclusive content. 400 million was spent on NFL content, which unless you're a huge NFL fan would be a huge waist of money.

They would have been better off buying the NFL games license.
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Manic2014  +   619d ago
It definitely can, it won't really out sell the PS4 but it still will have consistently good sales.
Illusive_Man  +   619d ago
With better games it will.
TheWatercooler  +   619d ago
Dark_matter  +   619d ago
guys, guys, remember, it's all about the games
jnemesh  +   619d ago
You are ABSOLUTELY right! And which console has more games? Which console has more exclusives? Oh, that's right, it's the PS4.
thexmanone  +   619d ago
Xbox One is the only true next gen console. PS4 NAH. I don`t care about the numbers. All I care about are the games. PS4 has nothing that interest me.
tgunzz  +   619d ago
They will compete just fine over this gen (there is a long way to go). I don't know who will win in total sales, but looking at what both are doing, and planning, I say that it is going to be another great generation for all of us. As both continue to correct system/feature issues, and we are left with the scores of the future games (especially exclusives), that is where the competition is really going to take place.
CrimsonK  +   619d ago

I agree with you on everything but the controller it feels too flimsy and weak and i believe its the most comfortable controller but I also believe it to be the cheapest feeling controller mine has already started to fall apart after 2 months so Im quite disappointed
Demoa  +   619d ago
who are the sony fanboys who keep approving theses same articles everyday?
Minute Man 721  +   619d ago
The X1 will compete in North America but WW it won't. I'll be picking up my X1 when they get a bigger hard drive
deadie  +   619d ago
Microsoft will never catch up with xbox one. #dealwithit
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