Destiny PS4 Details Emerge & Players Will be 'Pleasantly Surprised' by PS3 and Xbox 360 Versions

Bungie is 'taking advantage of the cool things Sony's doing' with PS4.

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Eonjay1453d ago

I have a question. It seems that Activision and Bungie are in this for the long haul. They are claiming $500 million in support over 10 years. Do you guys think PS360 will receive support for that long?

famoussasjohn1453d ago

I'm sure it will depend on the overall users on those platforms. If it's low enough, they may cut the support for those platforms and move all of the support to next gen.

ZodTheRipper1453d ago

They said that these 500 million are for 10 years and multiple games, e. g. Destiny 2. It's pretty unlikely that a Destiny 2 would come to lastgen but they will probably receive full support (DLC etc.) for Destiny 1.

alexkoepp1452d ago

I feel like if last gen users are going to be pleasantly surprised, us current gen users are going to be utterly disappointed.

da_2pacalypse1452d ago


No, there is no such thing as Destiny 2. The support through the next 10 years is through expansion packs. These were detailed int he legal papers that were leaked because of the Zampella court case with Activision. This Destiny, will be live for 10 years, in their podcasts they constantly quote the fact that they are upset that their old games such as Halo2 is no longer available, and they want this to never fall into that scenario.

BattleAxe1452d ago

It's a cross platform game (PS3/PS4), so the PS3 version would have to receive the same support over the life of the game as the PS4 version.

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SITH1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

I doubt future destiny games will be released on ps36o, but yes the current version of destiny for those consoles will have sustained support. The support is not just building more games, it is the content that will be updated on a daily bases. When they say ten year support, they mean it literally. Every single day including holidays 24/7.

@10:40 of this video

XiSasukeUchiha1453d ago

It's Destiny dude just enjoy the fact that's it is considered of the most expensive IP in history,

Geoff9001453d ago

Not for ten years, however maybe 3-5 years. It depends on how many people stick with their consoles.

christian hour1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )


If I recall, when Bungie first announced this they aid the first title would be cross-gen and then afterwards would be completely next-gen afterwards, and this was before we'd seen the ps4 or xbone.

I believe 343 also said similar things in regards to their halo trilogy just before HALO 4 was released, 4 would be xbox360, every title after that would be on xbone.

I would say it's a safe bet that Destinys sequel will be a ps4/xbone only title. They even hint at it slightly in this article,

"we’re just focusing on making sure the first game out of the gate has everything we want in it and is working awesome, and when we start talking about things that’ll happen in the future those kinds of ideas are great. We have those ideas, but we’re going to save that stuff for later."

Seems to imply they would have included large scale destruction, that it is possible, but left it out for the first title due to multi-gen technical limitations.

fenome1452d ago

Here's some of the actual contract, it's legit you can look it up:

It calls for 4 games, 4 expansion packs (presumably one for each game) and separate DLC as well.

fenome1452d ago

The first two 2 full retail games will be cross gen and the final 2 will be next gen only. They're going to bounce between a full retail release and and expansion pack every single year from now till 2020.

Which means that the first game will release this fall and the expansion will release next fall, so on and so forth until 2020.

jayswolo1452d ago

It's a 10 year contract, not 10 years of support for this version of Destiny.

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Palitera1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

In other words, PS4 and X1 players will be displeased by the limitations...

Stop with the cross gen BS already!

Majin-vegeta1453d ago

Sure just pay them for the lost sales from the other 160+ millions of install fanbase.

Eldyraen1453d ago

I can honestly say disappointment is as negative as my feelings get learning about cross gen games. I would naturally enough prefer a game be developed solely for better hardware but it is not that big of deal as long as it isn't a straight up port (some would be okay but those would be exceptions on par with a ff7 or a similar classic rerelease).

More importantly we are talking about Destiny which has been touted as cross gen since the very beginning so not exactly a problem IMO. The vast majority of games though should and will be new gen exclusive (especially come next year) but MS got a lot of slack regarding quickly dropping support for old hardware last time so they may push a little longer compared to Sony (PvZ, TF, and now Forza Horizons 2).

Third Parties will go for both as long as they are profitable but extra money they get will help fund newer games and since this new gen picked up quicker than many expected it will help everyone speed up letting go of older systems just a little big quicker. Plus it is still only the first year out so plenty of time to truely phase out developing for old hardware.

Gamer6661453d ago

Yep, I absolutely agree...

PS4 and all those Indie ports from the PC was BS...

Porting last gen games like Fl0w, Flower, Halo Spartan Assault, Last of Us, Tomb Raider, and Rayman Legends is BS...

And releasing games like Titanfall, CoD, BF, Destiny, Dragon's Age, Forza Horizon, etc. on both next gen and last gen consoles is BS.

mr2331453d ago

It's good that they are using PS4's features, but I don't see the value with the lightbar features. For the most part, you don't see the lightbar while you are playing.

Shakengandulf1453d ago

If only we had the option to make it brighter. ;)

LAWSON721453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

I hope when it comes to support this is like an MMO with expansions instead of yearly or every two year releases. IMO if this delivers they shoudl support it until it is dead or the tech is around to make major improvements to the experience

Dlacy13g1453d ago

Hmm... should we be prepared for let down then? Let down as in the game is handcuffed by last gen? I say that only because I believe Bungie is making all the versions and not handing over the 360/PS3 version to another dev to port (or at least that is my understanding ).

2cents1453d ago

Hey Dlacy!

I agree with your apprehension in believing their self-touted hype. I am looking forward to Destiny but I cant shake the feeling that its going to be a current gen upgrade in the way of textures, Player and enemy count, etc. Also Bungie have never been known in pushing the boundaries in graphical fidelity but they are damn good at balancing multiplayer gameplay and level design. Halo is the prime example of my point.

As long as we have a rich diverse selection of games consistently pouring into the online stores and retailers over the coming years then hopefully the wait for Destiny 2 wont be so painful, then we shall see the magic of bungie and next gen consoles. Me hopes :)

BattleTorn1452d ago

If Watch_Dogs is anything to go by, these major companies are aiming for platform-parity with their cross-gen releases.

I was 'pleasantly surprised' by the PS360 version of Watch_Dogs - and I hate that!!

I'm starting to sympathize with those PC elitist who bemoaned the last gen platforms for holding 3rd party AAAs back!

Enough of this lastgen nonsense.

Hopefully these companies will realize that there isn't some horrific backlash to be had by making nextgen look far superior to lastgen, unlike cross-platform comparisons of last gen.

Dlacy13g1452d ago

I don't mind support for last gen. However, I want that support to come in this kind of form: Develop your new game 100% with next gen in mind and on next gen dev kits and have a 2nd studio handle a port of the next gen title. The 2nd studio will need to make concessions on content, resolution and such but by porting it will have zero impact on the primary game. That is the proper way to handle a cross gen title. With Bungie handling all versions I fear we may see them make some compromises to the next gen game to make the last gen game work / be easier to create.

BattleTorn1452d ago

Hopefully the way you described in your reply will be how Forza Horizon 2 is handled.

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