Natsume Teases Three New Nintendo Games for E3

"Natsume is teasing three (3) new titles coming to Nintendo platforms that will be showed off at E3" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Concertoine1290d ago

One is harvest moon, guarranteed.
What else do they make again...?

paleselan1290d ago

Except last week Marvelous AQL announced it would be localizing the newest HM, not Natsume.

BlackWolf1290d ago

They also make Medabots... maybe they'll bring the latest ones?

ritsuka6661290d ago

I hope for Harvest Moon for WII U!!

iSpeakTruth__1290d ago

No playstation love anymore? I'd love a Harvest Noon on PS4 or vita too

KonsoruMasuta1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

It's not surprising. The majority of their games are on Nintendo hardware.

Their PlayStation library is relatively small.

Also, I think they already ported one or two of the older Harvest Moons to Vita.

Xof1290d ago

I dunno. Wouldn't the crops always wither and die?

Dunban671290d ago

Don t they make Rune and didn t they make a decent Wii fishing game? not 100% sure

Spikes14711290d ago

Neverland makes Rune Factory. But they went bust.

veegeeeffex1290d ago

Three different versions of a Harvest Moon game, Pokemon-style! Gotta collect all the girlfriends!

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