Final Fantasy XII HD May Become a Reality at E3

The author apparently knows an inside tipster who says Square Enix has settled on the idea of a FFXII remake, and it'll be revealed soon.

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blitz06231363d ago

Hope it's the Zodiac Job System!

Tdmd1363d ago

I HAS to be it! Since it has never come to the ocident, this could make it fresh even for those who already beated the game more than once - like me!
Hope it is true...

Prime1571363d ago

Can't agree more... and take out the loading screens between each zone too. Loved 12

calis1363d ago

Me too. I hope they do it, would love to revisit 12.

Tiqila1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

can't wait for E3, hope this is true. And a Vita version too please!

3-4-51362d ago

I love that I haven't played much of the FF series so now that all these HD remakes are possibly being remade, I can play them for the first time in much better graphics.

This game interests me more than FF7,8,X....haven't played any of them, but Vaan was in FFTA2 which I absolutely loved.

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-Foxtrot1363d ago

Hope they throw in Type-0 aswell since we had FFX and FFX-2 bundled together.

admiralvic1363d ago

Would make more sense to give Revenant Wings.

Inception1363d ago

Revenant Wings, FF Tactics, and Vagrant Story because all of them had the same setting / lore.

jambola1363d ago

Hope it does, I never finished it.
This might be my chance to finally do it

stragomccloud1363d ago

I want this so bad!!!! One of my favorites!

zeuanimals1363d ago

Please be the Zodiac version! And on Vita please! FFX on the Vita is a godsend. So much unsaved progress back when I first played FFX on the PS2, I don't run into that problem with the Vita. Even more unsaved progress with FFXII (I often had to leave or stop playing without being able to save).

stragomccloud1362d ago

I know your pain!!!
I couldn't have hoped to beat Xenogears on the PS3, too many long periods between save points. I played nearly the whole game on my Vita. When I got to the end though, I sent my save files back to the PS3 and finished the game there since I wanted a more cinematic experience.

johny51363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

I can honestly say this game grew on me!

This was the only recent Final Fantasy game that actually went back to it's roots, way back! Try "FF 1-6"

This game has it all, biggest open-world in all the FF games, Airships, probably the most summons, classic FF music, the most side missions and mini bosses!

I think after the fact that Square Exix made more money with FFX then Lightning Returns, it's no wonder why they green lite this!

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The story is too old to be commented.