Naughty Dog on PS4 Uncharted: "You'll Be Surprised by How Amazing it Looks;" a "New Way" for Drake

Much has been speculated about the new Uncharted for Ps4, but you finally got some official word from Naughty Dog Co-Dounder Evan Wells

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Applejack1509d ago

Naughty Dog has wowed me before and they will no doubt wow me again

joydestroy1509d ago

it will no doubt be another masterpiece by them

XiNarutoUzumaki1509d ago

3 Masterpeices in a row, one of which was a new IP. That's very impressive!!!

Septic1509d ago

These guys will deliver. They always do. This is one title that I know will blow me away.

Eonjay1509d ago

Do you think they feel pressure knowing that everyone expects the best from them. And not even the best, better than the best. Above and beyond. Do you think that creates pressure?

guitarded771509d ago

@ Eonjay

I'm sure they do, but that just makes them work harder, and try and make each title better.

THE-COMMANDER1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Oh man this just made me more excited about E3, i can't wait to see a next-gen Uncharted!

Next week!

Destrania1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Knowing ND it'll play just as amazing as it looks. Story will be incredibly well told. Best studio in the business by far imo. Can't wait.

ZodTheRipper1509d ago

Naughty Dog confidence makes my hype go wooooo!!! :D
Now I really can't wait to see it in action.

Hydrolex1509d ago

I will buy a PS4 for this game

starchild1509d ago

This is one of the reasons I bought my PS4. Can't wait for the game. Can't wait to at least see it in action.

SniperControl1509d ago

This game will be the ultimate highlight of E3, i dont think anything will come close to beating it, not even the mighty The Order.

alexkoepp1509d ago

I thought it was standard practice for PS4 users to say "Show us it in action" or "I'll believe it when I see it" or "that's just PR bull####"

All of a sudden you guys are just believers? That doesn't make sense.

Bathyj1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Sigh. Alex, It's called faith. When it comes to Naughty Dog we have plenty of it because there's no reason not to.

What makes no sense is that you don't have any. How many Game of the year/generation/industry games do they have to make in a row before they get cut a little slack from you? Do you hear how petty, bitter, fanboy you sound?

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891509d ago

Hopefully controls play more like uncharted 2 and less like uncharted 3 ( I could not get headshots for the life of me ) aiming was very boxy in uncharted 3.

Wizard_King1509d ago

A new hallway for Drake.



UltraNova1509d ago

As I said a long time ago, on multiple occasions, UC4 should not be TLoU and not darker in that sense. It has to be an evolution (my exact words) of U2 in particular with more of what made us all love this franchise but to the next level!

If it aint broken dont fix it...

Thank you ND for listening to me (I wish :p)

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HappyWithOneBubble1509d ago

Our heads will explode from the awesomeness no doubt about it.

Cam9771509d ago

did that guy get shot? is it real\/

GarrusVakarian1509d ago


Lmao, it's from the movie 'Team America''s a puppet.

HappyWithOneBubble1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

No it's fake and it's from the movie Scanners 1981. I know it looks nasty lol but I would never post something real.

ziggurcat1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Lukas: no, it's from Scanners. David Cronenberg.

On topic, though, the new uncharted is going to be amazing if yesterday's "practice" images are any indication...

Rockefellow1509d ago

Cam977 Is it REAL?

I don't... It's...

Are you new to the internet, or something?

starchild1509d ago

Guys, give him or her a break. It does look pretty damn real and I could understand how somebody that doesn't know the movie it came from might think it was real footage.

Bathyj1509d ago

And to think it was Sam Fisher that did that to him.

Made me.think of this weeks Game of Thrones. Man I was in shock when I saw that.

seedaripper19731509d ago

G.O.T This week was a 'blinder' Bathyj ;)

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kenshiro1001509d ago

I really can't wait to see what they have planned next. All three Uncharted games were freaking amazing.

user14394141509d ago

I can't wait for Uncharted :) Only on PS4 this is going to be one of the best looking games ever seen on a CONSOLE. I wonder if they will add any virtual reality features into it? I know Naughty Dog like to test the water with new technology and features like they did with PS Vita version of Uncharted with the touch screen and back touch panel parts of the game.

WalterWJR1509d ago

Naughty dog never made uncharted on vita, it was bend.

BallsEye1509d ago

For sure it will be :) I would still wait for final release untill judging the graphics. So far every reveal was looking much better than released game. Still looked fantastic tho. Playing it only for amazing SP adventure.

user14394141509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Sorry I am tethering my mobile internet to my Macbook and the internet is playing up it double posted. XoXoXo

Jonny5isalive1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I hope there are rpg elements and multiplayer like uncharted 2 had when it launched.

Jonny5isalive1509d ago

just something like weapon upgrades and maybe you get better with weapons as you use them.

0P-Tigrex1509d ago

Uncharted 3 was a good game.. but it wasn't a "masterpiece".

ColeMacGrath1509d ago

IMO, it was, chapter 14 and 17 had unforgettable moments!

bigfish1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

This is why i chose the ps4 again this generation

Magicite1509d ago

and those who say that next gears or halo will set bar for next-gen visuals, must be delusional.

user56695101509d ago

i love their games but ill wait and see.

showtimefolks1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

and there were some who were doubting ND because 4 developers left the studio, ND have over 250 full time developers working there. Just because 4 people leave doesn't mean the studio will start making bad games

also i hear it all the time, UC4 is ways off and won't be here till fall 2015 or even 2016. I believe the game will come out a lot sooner than people think. Look at UC3(2011)so if UC4 comes out fall 2015 means it had 4 years of development

No doubt in my mind UC4 will be a masterpiece. I think ND learned so much from the last of us and that is why some changes were made within the studio. I think UC4 will have a much much darker tone(and that's best for the series)

jessupj1509d ago

I'm very excited to see this at E3. I hope there's some new gaming mechanics instead of the same gun play with prettier graphics.

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kingtroy1509d ago

Naughty dogs never fail to deliver

XiSasukeUchiha1509d ago

Naugthy Dogs are legendary in the gaming industry

XiNarutoUzumaki1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Well said my fellow Ninja.

Naughty Doge has yet to disappoint me. I'm very confident they will kick ass and leave names this generation, just like the previous ones.

I'm so happy to have such talented developers on my side.


Nope, we aren't!

sonerone1509d ago

I bet u guys are one person

AceBlazer131509d ago

Nah I doubt it, Naruto's sentences are usually more coherent and understandable while Sasuke's barely make sense, I'm guessing English isn't his first language.

Anyway can't wait for uncharted 4, gonna be sweet seeing as Sony's studios and IP's are getting so much more exposure this gen.

MadaraAizenKuroHige1509d ago

Naughty dog ftw. Next up reaquire CrashBandicoot.

HappyWithOneBubble1509d ago

@sonerone No N4G does't allow you to have more than 1 account. I know cause I tried.

johndoe112111509d ago


I'm pretty sure georgenoob and truefan1 are the same person.

ado9081509d ago

@NoWayOut I have two accounts. Well sorta one is my brothers but I use it if I please

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1509d ago
akaFullMetal1509d ago

Can't wait to see all the ways drake interacts and new animations. As well as new set pieces of the world, and apparently a insider says a jungle scene was shown and it looks amazing, can't wait!!!!!!!

ltachiUchiha1509d ago

Everytime Naughty Dog revealed Uncharted 1, 2, 3 & TLOU at e3 it always left E3 amazed. I guarantee that they will do it again withh added gameplay mechanics, & they will show it off in an amazing environment. These guys are just masters when it comes to wowing the e3 crowd and building more hype. The crazy thing is, my expectations are always beyond before a Naughty Dog reveal & they still manage to leave me breathless. As I said in other post, Naughty Dog will be the talk of E3 after they blow everyone away with Uncharted 4. Bookmark me for future reference. I already know what to expect from Naughty Dog at e3. When I think of Naughty Dog I think of Dr Dre. Album Chronic 2001, "The Watcher."