The 1st 3D-VR representation of the Niagara Falls Region is being made in a RPG for XViREnt

Great news for Canadians real role playing enthusiasts. Active real role player and army veteran Michel Raymond Sizaire launched its own KickStarter project that promises to be the first 3D-VR representation of the Niagara Falls region in a role playing game featuring the XViREnt. Main features includes real city reproduction and Oculus Rift support.

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Pandamobile1454d ago

VR = 3D. You don't get VR without 3D.

Blackdeath_6631453d ago

is XiSasukeUchiha not a troll account?

The Great Melon1453d ago

It is more of a 'first' account.

uth111453d ago

will there be a hose peripheral to spray you if you get to close to the falls? I want immersion, dammit :)

Perjoss1453d ago

I've had the rift dev kit for a while and had tons of fun with it already, but for some reason I hadn't even considered how good a RPG might be with this thing.

I think many people will be surprised how WEAK they are when it comes to playing horror games in VR. My friend is the type that is able to play the scariest games in the dark and with headphones on, but when I showed him a simple deep sea diving demo with sharks he tore the Rift from his face and screamed "***k that!" he had a look on his face too like those people that step off a roller coaster and are almost impossible to convince to have another go :P

Canadiangamernet1453d ago

Wow nice thought Perjoss, i think you're right on that one! Hopefully we'll see some of those games coming out early on the Rift!