Mortal Kombat X Gets Awesome Key Art and Box Art for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

If you liked Mortal Kombat X's announcement trailer, Warner Bros. sent another treat, in the form of the key art and box artwork of the game for all platforms.

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XiSasukeUchiha1328d ago

This is some nice teasin' Warner Brothers thank you:)

alexkoepp1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

I got nothing against scorpion but sub zeros always been my pick of the two.

sucks its cross gen. You're never going to get the current gen install base up if you keep making all the games playable on last generation systems. Start making all current gen and people will make the switch if that's where all the good games are.

What's the point of buying a new console at the middle/end of a generation, you guys just now getting rid of those CRT televisions too?

just sell you old console and games, donate some blood/semen and you'll have no problem affording it. And you'll save lives and give the gift of life to those who are incapable. New system and you get to be a better person, its like a win/win/win.

Genki1327d ago

Because the current generation of consoles isn't even equivalent to half of a generational leap. Look at the difference between the PS2/XBox generation to the previous gen. It was night and day; the 360 and PS3 were, for all intents and purposes, state of the art upon release.

What do we have today? Glorified tablets.

Shad0wRunner1327d ago


I disagree. Theres enough of a gen gap between PS3 and PS4. Idk about 360 and XBox One...or the Wii U...BUT, were getting games in 1080p on PS4, some of which are above 30FPS. Yeah.

Last gen we were getting games at 720p. It's a big difference, bro. If you dont believe it. Play MGS4 and compare it to MGS:GZ OR compare Infamous 1&2 to 2nd Son.

The difference is night and day.

I agree with Alexkoepp, here. Stop with all this crossgen bs and FORCE people to go next gen.

RumbleFish1327d ago

I will buy it for PC, but I don't think they should force people to buy new consoles. We should force the devs to bring the games as good as possible on all the platforms.

I think exclusives are for selling consoles. I got mine for Killzone SF and MGS GZ.

slapedurmomsace1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

So.....everyone likes to get their panties in a bunch about how quickly MS dropped support for the O.G. xbox when the 360 was released, than they re- bunch them when they continue to support the 360 so they don't make the same mistake twice? I don't get it...personal I love the fact Sony supports their systems well after their newer ones has released, why is it a negative when MS does it?

o/ the box art..scorpion was and is the man.

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-Foxtrot1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Cross gen....urgh

I don't mind the first year after new consoles have just released but the game is coming out in 2015, cross gen shouldn't exist for massive titles by then.

They should be taking advantage of new consoles, not being limited by old ones.

videgamenext11328d ago

Cross gen is fine so everyone gets a chance to play. Not everyone can afford next gen until closer to the middle or the end of the generation.

-Foxtrot1328d ago

No offence but that's not really the studios problem.

If you can't afford it then...tough. I couldn't afford my PS3 when it first came out but I wouldn't of wanted them to hold back on some titles just because I was still saving my pennies. I'm not that selfish.

You'll still get to experience them once you've saved up for one though, by then those titles will be cheaper.

Everyone wins then.

Razputin1328d ago

It is the studios problem when they want to make the profit possible and most people are still on a last gen console.

I personally couldn't care about it being cross gen. There isn't much they could do with a fighting game.

Revolver_X_1327d ago

Well said Raz. Cross gen doesnt bother me. Take my money!

XisThatKid1327d ago

i say if dev teams have the man power and support the last gen. it would be different if it hinders current gen dev but if they hire specific teams or people for a project let em.

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jlo1328d ago

Agreed, it's such a shame that the pc version will be limited by the weak PS4 and XB1

-Foxtrot1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Why do people like you always bring the PC into arguments like this. We're talking about consoles....CONSOLES

You should be lucky your getting a version for the PC.

People like you fail to realise that developers care more about consoles then PC's.

I haven't once seen a developer take the best PC specs out there and make a game built on those specs. Would it look amazing...of course but it's never going to happen

pompombrum1328d ago

The truth be told, in the argument regarding cross gen holding consoles back, doesn't PC essentially discredit said argument? If PC games based off of Xbox 360 and PS3 games can look as great as they do (Splinter Cell Blacklist comes to mind) Why shouldn't X1 and PS4 do too?

Shnooze1327d ago


You're pretty much arguing one of the silliest points imaginable. It's like you've taken hypocrisy to a whole new level with this farce of a claim.

WeAreLegion1327d ago

Our high end PCs are holding back supercomputers.

We could go on forever, man.

Chrischi19881327d ago

Umm... Crysis is a game made exactly like what you said you never saw...

XxExacutionerxX1327d ago

Who plays fighting games on pc, really. (I'm sorry people do it to mod fighters) Forget pc

Qrphe1327d ago

High-end PC gaming has to be limited by low-end PC rigs else there isn't enoguh people to sell games to.

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HappyWithOneBubble1328d ago

Last gen consoles can still hold up good. There's not enough next gen consoles sold yet for these big budget games. Nothing wrong with cross gen.

SugarSoSweet1327d ago

EVERYTHING is wrong with cross gen.

The 360 is dam near almost 10 years old TEN!!! It's not just about the power, the architecture itself is ancient. When you develop a game you have to code/develop to the lowest common dominator (to save money and time)which would be the PS3 AND 360

This is why Next Gen Only titles such as Ryse, Infamous SS, EA's UFC , DriveClub and Deep Down look so dam good because their superior ARCHITECTURE, as well as their increased power is taken fully advantage of. MK X will even come close to looking like one of these titles

It's a dam shame a major title such as MK that's coming in 2015 is cross gen. I can take cross gen the first year in but not two years in especially on a title like MK which isn't released yearly like COD or Fifa. The graphics won't be that much of an improvement and will probably just look like MK9 up-scaled to 1080p

christian hour1327d ago

The only reason MKX would be cross-gen (in my opinion) is because it most likely started life as a 360/ps3 title in the first place before they got their hands on xb1/ps4 dev kits.

AliTheSnake11328d ago

What's wrong with crossgen ? It's a fighting game.Not a detailed open world game.
They can always put stuff on the current gen, that can't be done on last gen, even with the game is cross.

Audiggity1327d ago

While I agree with the fact that the old consoles are limiting the new - there's not much you can do to solve this issue.

Money is money, sales are sales, shares are shares... AAA titles aren't going to forfeit millions in revenue because people like us want the games to look prettier and run smoother.

The install base of the previous gen is MASSIVE. Big publishers are going to take some time to move on from this. Hopefully* learning how to get more out of the new gen in the meantime.

SugarSoSweet1327d ago

I HATE cross gen too it basically just makes games look like a PS3/360 title at 1080p

You won't see graphics like The Order 1886, Ryse or Infamous Second Son on cross gen titles

ThichQuangDuck1327d ago

You do realize that this is a 2D fighting game right? You do also realize that something called Install Base is why this is cross gen as well? Mortal Kombat X will not be limited but will allow for a variety of people to play.

videgamenext11327d ago

Nahhh son. You don't seem to understand how business works. @Raz said it clearly. They have profit to make on these titles it's costing them millions to make so offering to those who have not crossed over to ps4 or xbox one. Is a big margin to hit as well.

Chrischi19881327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Cross Gen in a fighting game is not as bad as other game genres. I bet even the X360 will be capable enough to output it in 1080p and most people dont own 4K TVs yet, so what can Next Gen offer in a fighting game? Not really better visuals, only if you have a 4K TV and the game is made with 4K in mind...

Braid1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Edit: Sorry for the double post, see my comment below.

Braid1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Characters with higher polygons which look CGI-like with better textures, higher environmental details, better shaders and post-proceesing effects, maybe? There are tons and tons of things that can be (and always will be) improved in a fighting game. With your logic we'd be stuck with Mortal Kombat 4's visuals after it made the 3D jump- and look how far we've come from that.

Joe9131327d ago

It's about making money there is no point in them even making a game if making money is not the goal and with that said there are what 160 million last gen consoles out there and 12 current gen lol yea they would screw themselves if they did not make for both gens so yea it is the studio's problem.

elhebbo161327d ago

Well its a fighting game.. It doesn't really need to push boundaries.

leahcim1327d ago

yes we all know that means no true next-gen.


ShinMaster1327d ago

It's a 2D fighting game... ffs

Bobertt1327d ago

This is a fighting game so cross gen doesn't matter, its not like there are gonna be a any game changing features they can add to the fighting games that can't be implemented on both gens. It will probably only affect the graphics.

randomass1711327d ago

Why ignore a valuable market? There are millions more people who have 360s and PS3s. They can most likely provide a quality experience even while developing on last generation systems.

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Bundi1328d ago

I dont like it. Needs more subzero. In fact I hope the Kollecter's Edition is a close up on the Cold One's icy stare.

Also I better hear triple the moaning about cross gen here as I did at the Horzon 2 article since this is on 4 platforms AND cross-gen AND one studio!

trywizardo1328d ago

this makes me want to keep my 360 , but time to move on and buy next gen at last :/

Clown_Syndr0me1328d ago

After seeing the trailer was hoping it would be current gen only.
As long as it doesn't hamper the quality of PS4/X1 I don't care, maybe it will be developed seperately on last gen consoles like some other games have been..