Hack ‘n’ Slash Preview - Pixel Related

Many interesting titles have come out of Double Fine during their two week code-a-thon known as Amnesia Fortnight. Setting aside their current projects and freeing up developers to create a game prototype that is fresh and unique has led to the release of great games like Stacking, Costume Quest and more.

One of the most recent titles to come out of this program is Hack ‘n’ Slash, a Zelda-inspired title that replaces the standard connotation of hacking and slashing (with a sword) with computer hacking and coding, turning it into a puzzle game more than anything else. The first moments of the game start simple enough, with a girl locked in a cell as she attempts to use her sword to break out. However the game immediately turns on its head when the sword breaks, revealing a literal USB plug hidden within. Using this USB sword you make your way through the world, changing it as you need in order to thwart a wizard who is bent on controlling the world.

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