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Kinect Future Depends On E3 2014

Microsoft’s Kinect needs no introduction. It is a device of such profound influence that it has managed to create a catastrophically divisive reputation in only four years. Introduced as a response to the success of Nintendo’s Wii, Kinect was an all new interactive interface for the whole family. You could play sports, work out, fight a monster, and see the bottom of an avatar’s shoe. (Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Godmars290  +   458d ago
No, not this E3. Its going to be surprising if MS focuses on Kinect titles after making it more of an option at least.
UltimateMaster  +   458d ago
Not this year. but I'm guessing it'll make a comeback later on. I think..
Godmars290  +   457d ago
Given the amount of effort they've gone through to make Kinect come off as a viable product, and failed, I'm not seeing how they can do any better. Especially after burning many devs without little to no warning.

Someone is going to have to deliver a solid line of hits for Kinect, that's likely going to have to be MS, and they already had their hands full.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   458d ago
Just make it option and then I'm find with that, and my nitpick which will never come true if it did that would be nice that XB1 price would drop $350-$380 then I would be a happy customer, like I'm already am so far.
URNightmare  +   458d ago
If they announce the price of Kinect to be more than $100, expect a shit storm MS! Don't let your greed fuck this one up AGAIN.
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tinynuggins  +   458d ago
It should be the same price as the first kinect whatever that was.
ShadesMoolah  +   458d ago
Nope, there better be 0 talk about Kinect or TV at this E3. Yes, they need to prove that it's a device worth owning, and if they have a good game to demonstrate on-stage, such as Fantasia, or whatever, then by all means demo it. Even if there was loads of Kinect titles in the works, they don't have the window at E3 to cover it. One or two at best, but the show needs to all be about games.

I thought they had a great E3 last year, it's just the stigma of the reveal and their policies that left uncertainty over what was a great Xbox One showing for games. They just need a repeat of last year's E3, only now the messaging is much clearer, and the pricing more palletable. Let's hope they don't fuck it up.
Austacker  +   458d ago
"Kinect Future Depends On E3 2014"

Bullshit. Kinect is dead the moment MS said it's not going to be in every box.

It was always an add on gimmick device that was yet to find traction with the developers and gaming community and MS, realising more people didn't want it's inclusion than did, dropped it cold without making a formal announcement.

Like last gen, Kinect has been tried and failed. It's dead.

Even if they re-incorporated it into the day one box on Xbox Two, no one will want to buy it and developers won't build for it.

MS have cut that line and burned that bridge. Even if they said tomorrow, 'kinect is here to stay' people will always look back to what's just happened and never trust it again.

MS can continue support within their own ecosystem on Kinect support all they like, but for the wider community of developers and gamers, this device is now DEAD.

So, forget the hype and hope. Drop it and let's just get on with other things.
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generalthadeape  +   458d ago
jnemesh  +   458d ago
Xbox's future AS A WHOLE depends on E3, and sales through "Holiday 2014". Unless they can pull something BIG out (and it's not Halo 2 remaster), they are sunk. Sales are in the gutter, they are being outsold 2:1 by the competition, and when you look at numbers for software, that is translating there as well (Wolfenstein actually sold more than 2:1 on the PS4 vs the Xbox).

If all MS has to show are some games, they are toast. Sony is going to launch Playstation Now (their streaming gaming solution), Morpheus (their VR system) is going to at least get a passing mention, plus they have Vita, which MS isn't even trying to compete with.

MS NEEDS to show Illumiroom or some other groundbreaking technology to even keep up. A few BRIBED exclusive titles aint gonna cut it.
GoPanthers999  +   458d ago
Without backward compatibilty with my Kinect library, this thing is goin in the trash and I will take that 10% compute power back. Thank you! Kinect 2.0 = total f'up by MS. I was okay with it at first but there is 1 crap game for it and Xbox Fitness, nuf said.
nucky64  +   458d ago
how can kinect have any real future if it's now an option to buy it and a more expensive option at that.
i feel bad for all of the people who invested the 499 in the original xbone packaged with kinect. i wonder how many of those people would have purchased the 399 version if it were available at launch?
it sure is hard to follow MS and all of the backtracking they've done in the last year......although i do kind of like the external HDD idea.
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gamer7804  +   458d ago
I agree, now more than ever they need to show that they will still support kinect as originally visioned. MS has a long history of releasing different console sku's , this is really no different.
JediDiah  +   458d ago
Can Xbox one turn on you device without the Kinect?
parentsbasement  +   458d ago
My tv turns on with Kinect disabled so I think so....
Illusive_Man  +   458d ago
Are we still talking about Kinect? Seriously?
Z501  +   458d ago
"Kinect Future Depends On E3 2014"

Yep. Been saying this since they announced the Kinect-less sku.

AT LEAST 4 million people own X1's w/Kinect. They paid an extra $100 for the device. Now would be the WORST time to abandon/ignore the device considering all the good PR they've been getting lately.

What do you think people are going to say AFTER E3 if they show 1, 2 or no Kinect games?
(Hint: the same thing(S) people said about the PSMove)
They'll get ate alive if they show any TV related stuff at E3. Which = more bad PR.

If they wait around til E3 2015. No one will care.

People paid for this product. You better show support and not leave it up to third party devs to just create shovelware.

That leaves MS with the decision to not only make AAA games but also Kinect games as well, and fully commit to both.

... and we still have TGS, GDC and PAX left.

Good luck MS
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lemoncake  +   458d ago
With all the changes at the top next year will give a clearer indication of where the new management intend to go with kinnect games, e3 2015 is the one to watch for that I feel.
Z501  +   458d ago
Are you saying, the people who bought an X1 w/Kinect in 2013 have to wait til E3 2015 for substantial kinect game news?

If so. Just the thought of that seems crazy.
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lemoncake  +   458d ago
E3 2015 will determine if kinnect has a fruitful future or not with the new management, anything kinnect related this year will most likely have been established by the old guard. So e3 2014 wont be a good indication on the future state of kinnect, we might get good support now and nothing the following year or vice versa.

Thats how I see it anyways.
Slick81  +   458d ago
Kinect died with the 360 for some reason microsoft tried to improve it now this. Smh

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