Everything We Know About Destiny

It has been four years since Bungie released Halo: Reach, and their departure from the Halo Universe they helped create, passing the franchise mantle over to 343 industries. They have been hard at work developing crafting a universe with Activision, the publisher behind Call of Duty. Here is everything we know about Destiny to help get you ready for E3 2014.

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Dspdspes1327d ago

It's sad that no pc version is "on the making" but....

Heck, shaping up good!

SITH1327d ago

Destiny was first mentioned as an Easter egg in ODST. Even the emblem of destiny was shown in ODST a large sphere with an smaller sphere above it, or earth and the guardian hovering over it. Now you know almost everything about destiny. Like to know more?

pheature1327d ago

who cares just make it amazing lol
really thou talking about halo and destiny in the same catagory kind of annoys me, i want somthing new.
not somthing we have had a are getting again just with a different name.
but destiny should be the start of the real powerhouse of games. as i think the likes of wolfeinstine and watchdogs are great games, but you can see that the programers/companys just have not got up to speed with the new tech just yet.

pheature1327d ago

hence the delys with some games like eso watchdogs was even delyaed. drive club. ect ect

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