Valve's Latest VR Headset Surfaces Online

VRFocus - It has long been known that Half-Life developer and Steam creator Valve has its own virtual reality (VR) headset in the works at its offices in Seattle, Washington. Former employee Michael Abrash had been working extensively on the device before he moved to Oculus VR earlier this year. That said, given Abrash’s departure, mixed with a number of other employee moves and Valve’s open support for the Oculus Rift headset, we weren’t sure we’d see it again. Now a new version of the device has appeared at last week’s Boston VR Bender.

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XiSasukeUchiha1325d ago

Now Valve decide to get into VR, like I said before the VR wars is coming everybody!

Rifkens1325d ago

They've been in it since Oculus first went on Kickstarter

camel_toad1325d ago

Maybe this is why we've heard nothing official about Half-Life 3. Maybe just MAAAYBE they only want it to be experienced with their VR.

hellzsupernova1325d ago

Don;t connect two unrelated things. People done that with Drive Club turned out to be false.

Half Life 3 will come eventually but who knows when with vavle

Volkama1325d ago

Valve want to be at the fore of VR gaming, but through software. They have stated more than once that they are not planning to sell the hardware. Just help solve the inherent problems.

life281325d ago

The bigger VR device is, the better! We should wear whole computer monitor and big speakers for best experience!

annus1325d ago

I'd recommend you learn what a prototype is, this clearly isn't a consumer version.

Sam Fisher1325d ago

idc about this valve, where the hell is my steam machine?

Rivitur1325d ago

You already own one that's the point!

Mrveryodd1325d ago

VR is nearly upon us. I have been dreaming of this since seeing a film called the lawn mower man.
2015 the year I get lost inside a game ..... Can't wait....;)