Watch a match of EVOLVE from all 5 characters perspectives

Connected Digital World writes: Later this year 2K Games will be releasing EVOLVE, a 5 player game where 4 players work as a team to defeat the 5th player, who plays as Goliath. And we have some gameplay footage showing all 5 players in a single match.

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gameslayer24111357d ago

So Sick, definatly looking forward to this game!

Freddy_Millz11357d ago

Waiting to see when this gets delayed.

ThanatosDMC1357d ago

I really hope not but it's possible.

Freeball1357d ago

LOL no doubt, although for this one I can tell you they've been working on it for years. It should, SHOULD, be solid for October.

RB2011221357d ago

Epic. Simply Epic. <3 this video

Grave1357d ago

Can't wait to see more at E3!

PsylentKiller1357d ago

I guess I should start playing some L4D to prepare for this.

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