Phil Spencer: Microsoft E3 will be a Mix of Exclusive Titles, Third Party Pubs and Smaller Games

Answering fans' common questions, Phil Spencer, the boss at Xbox, is telling gamers what they can expect at Microsoft E3 Press Conference. Recently, a fan wanted to know what will the company's E3 Press Conference consist of. Spencer replied in a tweet saying its a mix of different exclusives, third party and smaller video games.

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Kayant1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

In other news the sky is blue.

Mikefizzled1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Liar, its grey. And its pissing it down...

Septic1506d ago

Yeah tell him. He obviously doesn't live in the UK p_p

Kayant1506d ago


I do ;)

UK will be a rainbow with it's ever changing weather.

Septic1506d ago

Ah okay lol. Yeah man its grey and dreaery now but its also muggy and hot. The weather can't make its mind up!

Let's hope MS's conference is more consistent. I pray that MS show loads more first party exclusives though. They definitely need to.

Godmars2901506d ago

I'm in California, and yes, the sky is currently grey.

MightyNoX1506d ago

Our skies are brown...damn sandstorm.

kreate1506d ago

I'm also in california, but here in so-cal, its always blue and never rains ;)

.... for the most part.

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user14394141506d ago

E3 is looking great. I love E3 and look forward to it because I own all consoles and I am an unbiased gamer. XoXoXo Pls Microsoft prove all the SONY fanboys wrong who LAUGHS at the weak specs of the XBOX ONE and prove to them that there is more to gaming than just AMAZING graphics. XoXoXo #MicrsoftE3

Fishy Fingers1506d ago

What an unbiased sounding comment. Congrats.

georgeenoob1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Dude stop with the xoxoxo! I beg of you kind sir.

locomorales1506d ago

It seems like... every year.

SuperBlunt1506d ago

BUTBUT INDIES BLOW!? Good im hoping for a good conference out of them

Volkama1506d ago

imo the big stage of E3 is not the right place to showcase "small games", indie or otherwise.

Hopefully these small games only get an appropriately small amount of time. Nothing against buying/playing them, but E3 is all hype and spectacle.

LAWSON721506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Well I would be extremely excited by a Castle Crashers 2 and Shadow Complex 2. I agree though E3 should not be the place for indies and if either Sony or MS focus on them they are just trying to have people ignore the fact that they lack first party games.

OpieWinston1506d ago

I expect the "Small games" to be AA games.

Don't expect indies to be on stage, I expect Lift London and other smaller studios to show off their games like they did last year.

JBSleek1506d ago

So like every conference at E3 the past 15 years. Okay cool.

Foxhound9221506d ago

Well I sure hope so. I hope the big 3 all have awesome conferences.

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