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Majin-vegeta1358d ago

What no competitive MP??:(

sobotz1358d ago

I hope the story in this game can be equal with Bioshock 1/Infinite.. considering theres no MP in this game. But again, it's Crytek haha.. I'll keep my expectation low

CJDUNCAN1358d ago

Crytek = gorgeous game, short story

Daniel_Potter1358d ago

It's not Crytek Frankfurt who will be developing Homefront 2.(they created Crysis, Far Cry and Ryse)
It's Crytek UK. They will be developing the game.
They were formerly known as Free Radical Design. Known for their Timesplitters franchise. Crytek saved it from bankrupcy. As Crytek UK they made multiplayer for Crysis 2 and 3. And are working on the upcoming Homefront 2.
Well, lets hope their skills didn't get too rusty. The multiplayer of Crysis 2/3 was pretty much a clone of COD.

AntoineDcoolette1358d ago

Hm, this article says Homefront 2 supposedly takes place in philadelphia. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the Americans keep the Koreans from crossing east of the Mississippi river? Seems odd they'd be able to occupy a major city on the east coast if the battle line was drawn at the Mississippi

MrSwankSinatra1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Granted the first one had multiplayer so I understand your frustration, but why shoehorn a component like that if it doesn't fit in the overall vision of the game? We all remember last generation where games resources were being pulled to make half assed multiplayer components to supposedly appeal to the casual audiences. Obviously most of them couldn't even sustain a large player count, thus that sort of feature became worthless. We should be happy devs aren't making the same mistakes they did last gen.

Vystrel1358d ago

Wow. Wow. Wow. Multiplayer in Homefront IMO was better than BF3's.
Example: You know how people wait for their favorite vehicle to spawn in BF? You needed to work as infantry and earn the points before you could get a vehicle. So 32 players on a medium sized map and nearly every single person was participating.

Very disappointed in this even though the campaign had plenty more potentional I would have rather had a linear one and an improved multiplayer.

WeAreLegion1358d ago

Sucks for multiplayer fans. I only cared about the story though.

Testfire1358d ago

I agree, I don't really care about MP unless it's co-op. I hope more devs focus on making great campaigns this gen.

GarrusVakarian1358d ago

Open-world, or open-*area*, like games such as Crysis 2?

I can't see it being open-world in the same sense as Fallout 3, for example.

TekoIie1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I think open world in a Halo: ODST kind of way.

Muffins12231358d ago

They seem to be focusing all on single player/co-op.
The multiplayer for the original homefront was good but not amazing,was kinda a battlefield know-off mixed with some COD elements.

Grown Folks Talk1358d ago

Perfect for me. I prefer co-op campaign over vs. Every shooter should have co-op IMO.

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Dark111358d ago

The more open-world games the better.

Agent20091358d ago

I'd choose a well-designed one over a huge-ass one (quality over quantity), but I guess I'm just the only one who's that retarded.

locomorales1358d ago

Last generation was the FPS era. Seems like this gen will be the open-world games era.

locomorales1358d ago

I like them too. But I'm a little bit afraid about the future of linear games. They're great too.

Deividas1358d ago


Yea its a little frightening but you have to think about from developers point of view. Games are getting more expensive to make, and gamers want a lot of replay value if they are shelling out $60. And open-world games are just a lot easier to sell due to its replay value being high.

But i def agree with you, I really do enjoy my Bioshock, Alan Wake, The Last of Us story based kind of games.

locomorales1358d ago

I'm not sure if an open-world adds any replay value to a game. For me, most of those games are pretty repetitive and uninpired.

But I can be wrong.

Deividas1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Ive replayed Fallout, Just Cause 2, GTA Series, Borderlands, Saints Row more than any other games. But then again that is person preference too.

Bioshock is prob one of my fav series but Ive beaten Infinite once and have not picked it up since.

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hello121358d ago

4 player CO-OP is fine by me. If the gameplay is good i'll buy it. CO-OP is fun with the right people.

Vystrel1358d ago

Exactly, anything with good friends is better. Pretty much cuts the developers work in half to just include coop instead of a single player where critics can actually critique more.

SITH1358d ago

That is the plus side to all of this. Nothing like a good functional coop. Hopefully it takes place in a free roam dynamic open world.

theshredded1358d ago

yay another bland shooter made by crytek!

starchild1358d ago

The Crysis games have fantastic gameplay and amazing graphics, they only lack in the narrative department, which hopefully they will be rectifying for Homefront.

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