How DRIVECLUB Aims to Make Rage-quitting Extinct


"We’ve all been there. You’re tearing round the last lap in, say, Gran Turismo or Need For Speed, defending a narrow lead over the chasing pack, when your concentration slips for a second and you find your car buried in a hedge. With the race all but lost and any rewards snatched away, it’s understandable that throwing a quick tantrum and furiously jabbing Options > Quit Race can be an instinctive reaction.
The racing game rage-quit is a real conundrum for designers – not only does it rip you out of the game and compromise your enjoyment, but it also inhibits the integrity of the online multiplayer experience. Duly, it’s an obstacle that Evolution Studios is tackling head on in DRIVECLUB on PS4.
“I like the idea that that you don’t have to be in first place,” explained Game Director Paul Rustchynsky when we stopped by the studio last week. “I want everybody to enjoy the thrill of racing.”"

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GodGinrai1504d ago

Its just sore losers..Game designers should not be made to suffer, spoil sports, who have no competitive honour. I see where they are coming from though. its just as much about those midfield battles as the battle for first.

GribbleGrunger1504d ago

I agree. I think the disagrees you've got are from people who couldn't get passed your first sentence.

medman1504d ago

I'm thinking about rage quitting n4g right now.

Gh05t1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Driveclub... land of the participation medal.

What a bunch of cry babies. Raging is what fuels you to be better... now instead of being better you can drive like crap and eventually you will be rewarded... There are some life lessons in their somewhere.

Okay after re-reading it maybe I misunderstand but all they are doing is saying rage quitting doesn't get you anywhere and there are other things that will allow you to gain points. Isnt that like every other game (you may suck at this race but here is a drift competition or drag race to try your hand at)?

What am I missing here?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1504d ago

You're missing how annoying rage quitters are to everyone else.

Look at FF14, it's so freakin' common to jump into an roulette instance and to have a tank or healer dip IMMEDIATELY because it isn't the instance they wanted. What happens? Well, you gotta queue again, which can take quite a while.

Gh05t1502d ago

But that is not a racing game... that sounds like (Wouldn't know never played it) a multiplayer team based situation you have going on their. The very example they give is a rage quit almost at the very end because you messed up and cant recover... So the guy in first is still in first even if the other guy quits... why would he care?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1502d ago

Rage quitters come in all shapes and sizes in multiplayer games. Like you said, it does depend of what type of multiplayer it is. I can't think of any issue with competitive play, but co-op play it's the absolute worst.

My point is, there's nothing wrong with giving people incentives to stay in the game despite losing.