Official Mortal Kombat X Reveal Trailer

JM: Last week we got a teaser, this morning it has been confirmed. The official name for the new Mortal Kombat title is Mortal Kombat X confirmed straight from Ed Boon. Mortal Kombat X is the sequel to the hit 2011 reboot of the series. The fans have been waiting for this since then, and it's finally here.

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stonecold31507d ago

cant wait for this mortal kombat game come out impressive trailor.

fardan851507d ago

Finally a proper fighting game for the new consoles.

ZodTheRipper1507d ago

Trailer would've been better without any music at all ...but hell yes next gen Mortal Kombat :D

fardan851507d ago

KI is decent, personally it disappointed me with few characters, modes.
It's no where near the quality of top fighting games like MK9, Tekken, KOF XIII, SF.

I agree with you on that, they should have used sound-tracks from MK9 to give us the MK feel.
MK9 was so good, I only want them to do some tweaking here and there and build on it.

NewMonday1507d ago

if this how it really looks MK could conquer the fighting game genre on new gen consoles.

serves you right Capcom for dragging your feet.

LOL_WUT1507d ago

The music ruined it for me but teaser was great ;)

AliTheSnake11507d ago

Nice music, unique from the usual. Hopefully next trailer rocks the Mortal Kombat theme.

Lord_Sloth1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Guilty Gear Xrd will launch before MKX.


Very very very impressive trailer and game.

But WHY? WHY always Sub-zero gets killed in every Mortal Kombat trailer and by Scorpion too? I think Ed Boon just confirmed he hates Sub-Zero and worships scorpion.

cemelc1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )


Dont forget blazblue, that game is awesome.

On topic:
Sub-zero always gets killed in these trailers, annoying to hell. Specially for us fans.

FamilyGuy1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

This looks great: brutal, torn flesh, ripped/damaged clothes, has weapons, interactions with the environment and the character detail they're going for seems pretty high.

The music, if you actually listened to the lyrics, did match up with the fight. The beat was more of a problem for me than the song itself as the song made sense for a fight scene.

It does make you curious what they plan to do on the soundtrack this time around but with 95% or so of the comments here alone being so negative about the music there's a good chance that they'll back off having much rap in it.

Having spoken words in the music, of any genre of music, kind of throws you out of the immersion of fighting video games. Beats/instrumentals alone would be better.

DevilOgreFish1507d ago

"Official Mortal Kombat X Reveal Trailer"

they're going to have to do better than that to impress me. It was Obviously not in game. it could look like that if it was PC lead on the other hand.

MK 9 was a pretty good game, i just didn't like the over usage of pre-rendered graphics. i hope it's not the same with this game.

PurpHerbison1507d ago

Never ever put MK in the same league as KOF, SF, or Tekken. The first proper fighting game that will hit is Guilty Gear Xrd and MK will never hold a candle to it. MK will feel like another underwater fighting simulator.

Sirlancealot1507d ago

@ZodTheRipper The music actually made it have the extra hype.

alexkoepp1507d ago

Ugh, cross gen compromised, noooooooooooooooo!

starchild1506d ago

The music sucked and was completely out of place, but other than that the trailer was pretty amazing.

Ares84HU1506d ago

We will see how good it is once we see some gameplay but I have a feeling it will be awesome.

Also, the trailer was BADASS!!! But the music, man that music sucked big time.

Rap just doesn't fit with MK. (Or in my opinion with anything.)

FACTUAL evidence1506d ago

Welp!I guess the reveal is ruined because it had rapss muszicz in it, oh noes!! It would of been the most perfect trailer with hardcore rock though huh guys?? SMH.

Tony-Red-Grave1506d ago

I'm still waiting on the first bit of official news on a next gen Tekken :'(

Kleptic1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Two undead 'ninjas' with respect to opposing elements, fighting in a darkly lit and dramatic winter forest...

scored with generic hip hop?...and people actually find that 'badass' and 'epic'???

It seems that almost daily i'm reminded of how out of touch i've become with this industry...

EDIT: Factual would've been better if it had, you know, music that actual fits the game...or even the established some remote way...

if you can't see how that is obvious marketing from some team of suits saying 'what do kids like these days?...oh yeah...rap music...put that in there'...i don't know what to say...

it was if that trailer was purposely made to be as uncreative as humanly possible...that audio was as bad as the federal government's attempts to stop kids from buying cigerettes...

'Better bring your ID son; can't get tobacco without one...uh uh yeah yeah...Better bring your ID son; can't get tobacco without one...'



I don't get what's with all the breaking bones in MK if the enemy is just keep fighting back like nothing had ever happened. Knee shattered? No problem, I'll just stand up right and kick his face. Dislocated elbow? No time to fix it, gotta trow another powerful punch. Broken ribs? Who needs to breath in the middle of a fight?

4Sh0w1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

@Kleptic, I'm older than most here but I grew up with RUN DMC and so on. I think most rap today is garbage, it lacks the storytelling and powerful lyrics of the past but I still like some of todays rap music. I wouldn't have chosen that song myself but the music at least had a good tempo for the action, it wasn't terrible, either way the actual fight seen was badasss to me, I want to see more, but to each his own.

@BISHOP-BRASIL, its a videoGAME, I mean dammm first of all these are guys with ice, fire, a harpoon etc fighting to the death, lets say in real life an avg joe were hunting in that forest and stumbled upon this fight scene; the last question that would come to his mind I suspect is "how does he keep fighting with a broken arm?" I mean I guess if a normal person were able to actually get over the shock of what's happening, he or she would probably assume until beaten beyond recovery that they are fast healer,s or can fight despite broken bones or many other reasons why a guy that can conjure ice from the thin air is still able to fight after severe blows from a guy throwing chained harpoons out of his ass. lol, It's not a simulation it's a game with dead characters fighting. You analysis is sort of like questioning why cartoon characters like Wiley Coyote keeps coming back for the Road Runner after he's been hit by a truck a million times= ahh because its a kiddie cartoon and that's what he does to make kids laugh. smh

Trekster_Gamer1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Music could not be worse for a Mortal Kombat game!

UltraNova1506d ago

@kleptic and others complaining about the music choice

Ahhh yeah that was a terrible, mainstream, hype inducing choice to say the least, on top of a CGI-definitely nowhere near actual gameplay- trailer...

I think some Rage Against the Machine would serve better... at least in the bad-ass department..

Chrischi19881506d ago

The music was really really bad...

And I also did not like, that they actually let Scorpion win against Sub Zero, instead of making it a neutral fight...

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MehmetAlperTR1507d ago

Totally agree. Can't Wait for next MKX

mrpsychoticstalker1507d ago

Yesssssssss...... The game looks beautiful. It looks like there will be interaction with the environment around. The music Suck! MK doesn't do well with rap. Other than that . This is a day one for me.

thekhurg1507d ago

Impressive until the music started...

Visiblemarc1507d ago

Yeah...if the game is actually this awesome, I don't really have a choice, I've gotta get it. Amazing.

joydestroy1507d ago

holy hell! i can't wait either! i'm one who has been waiting for a sequel. their last one got me hooked on MK.


Mark my words: This will be one of the of best games of 2015.


HotFuzz1011507d ago

I hope those awesome camera movement are in the game while you fight that would be epic! MKX needs "Photo mode" who agrees?

AngelicIceDiamond1507d ago

Sub Zero lost? Man wtf what a horrible reveal.

dale_denton1507d ago

usually it's scorpion that gets his ass handed to.. maybe it's his turn to win lol

karl1506d ago

i was actually expecting just for once to see a different outcome of this fight...

i wasnt surprised...

the game looks fucking sweet though

rezzah1506d ago

Sadly he is always second to Scorpion.

The outcome of the fight in the trailer was not surprising and a bit stale.

fr0sty1507d ago

The hip hop music kills the MK vibe IMO, it doesn't have that mystic feeling that MK has always had.

HotFuzz1011507d ago

Agree. The hip hop song just makes the game look like Def Jam Icon.

Kleptic1506d ago

kinect only dance game confirmed...

Mortal Kombat X: In Da Klub

Majin-vegeta1506d ago

The intro is fine.Its just when he starts singing. -_-

fr0sty1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

More Mystikal than mystical.

Dan Forden should have produced the music for the trailer.

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ifistbrowni1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

For anyone wondering, the song is by Wiz Khalifa. He used to be real big in Pittsburgh (my city), then he was mainstream for a little (black and yellow, roll up///wasn't a fan of his mainstream music), then after a while, he fell off the map.

Kinda nice to hear his music again in the trailer. Not saying the trailer wouldn't have been better without it. Just saying that it's nice to see that Wiz Khalifa is still making music and can be popular enough to put a song in a trailer like this (he used to come to local "ratty" bars and some beat down old theater around where i live and the most a ticket would cost is like $8). Good to see he is still making it.

As for the game, if this is in-game gameplay this is super impressive. I always sucked at Mortal Kombat, but my brothers and I have played it since we were young (Sega Genesis) so I'll most likely get this game.

solar1506d ago

probably one of the best trailers ive ever seen. very cool

MeLoveRamen1506d ago

man i hope they can trick out the next gen version while still having to cater to last gen. I might sound sick but i want to see some really gruesome kills in the next gen version with legit organs and physics that make all the blood and organs fall out of the body realistically but i am optimistic since it is cross gen

Tsar4ever011506d ago

I wonder if we were actually looking at MK real-time 3D gameplay, but just pre-rendered for the trailer, if so this game is looking promising.

I see allot of Street fighter 4 2D/3D influence in this?

GamerDad19871506d ago

Too bad not a single bit of this is real gameplay.

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-Foxtrot1507d ago

Awesome trailer.....but horrible music

Doesn't fit in with the game at all.

JakemanPS319941507d ago

Completely agree! though wouldn't it be awesome if the gameplay actually looked like that?! Also Weapons confirmed?

Muffins12231507d ago

It might,if its current gen only I would expect it to look somewhat like this.

fenome1507d ago

I was thinking the same thing about weapons!

HappyWithOneBubble1507d ago

I think the gameplay will be the same like MK9. The trailer was to show off the graphics. I'm hoping at least.

98xpresent1507d ago

You don't like wiz khalifa lol

Edvin19841507d ago

I don't like, as I don't care much for rap even though I assume he is "good".

Sadly pre-rendered cut scene with not even a glimpse of gameplay this is a terrible announcement, and I was so pumped for it. Maybe E3 we may see a glimpse of gameplay. I am over these non gameplay trailers don't care if its in engine or whatever I want to see gameplay that is representative of what we will be playing. I assume its not better looking than Killer Instinct on Xbox One.

-Foxtrot1507d ago

Oh you mean another rapper where these days the songs all sound the same

Hell music is that bad these days I'd rather listen to songs from the 70s/80s...and I'm 22.

LoveOfTheGame1507d ago

On this day, as I pause my 80s Pandora station and look down at my Led Zeppelin T-shirt, it is the first time I have ever agreed with you.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1507d ago

I'm 28 and all I listen to is 60/70/80's music mainly and some new age country and rock like avenged sevenfold, volbeat, rise against etc.

music sucks nowadays, it's horrid.

Skizelli1507d ago

@Edvin1984: I was told by a reliable source that a gameplay trailer will be released at Sony's conference a week from today, along with a gameplay demo and more at E3.

elhebbo161507d ago

@Foxtrot le wrong generation.

rezzah1506d ago

Regardless of who he is, rap doesn't mix with MK.

Sheed1506d ago

Wiz Khalifa is awful.
What's worse is that this crap is giving people from an outside point of view an even worse opinion on rap music.
I just hope people don't think this is all rap music has to offer...

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98xpresent1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Just a simple no ,That's all you had to write . The song is bad I was just asking

Rute1507d ago

The music in itself isn't horrible, it just doesn't fit with the footage at all.

There are about billion better choices of music for that trailer. My recommendations...

Man Eaten by Alek Szhahala

Navras by Juno Reactor

Ultimate Protection by Juno Reactor

Pure Kaos by Lab 4

king_george1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

You guys probably dont like it because you're not fans of rap/hip-hop.

For those of us that LOVE rap though, this trailer and the music was crazy awesome. I love how the beats just go along with the fighting so well.

But i could see how some people who just didnt grow up with names like tupac, B.I.G, Nas, Jay-z, etc., wouldnt find it appealing.

Edit @Rute
It looks like maybe i was right with my assumption lol. All the songs you suggested are cool but they're defintely pretty far from rap/hip-hop

Rute1507d ago

Wow, 10 disagrees so far, that's gotta be a personal record :D

I actually do listen to some rap artists like Wu-Tang Klan, Eminem, Jedi Mind Tricks, 2Pac, Jay-Z etc. and like I said, the song in the trailer wasn't horrible in my opinion but it just didn't fit the trailer.

user56695101506d ago

dont even bother it should be none that people hate on rap with out knowing or listening to it. the manly talk about pop rap that always play on the radio, but if you do the same to the music they like somehow its a different story. POP music stay in the lime lite.

stop acting like you know about rap. im sure you will like it after black people move on to something else like what always happen with music. remember how the most of the music thats popular got started. it was hated. i wonder why?

the second one you posted seem like a perfect fit though