Kotaku UK: The Next Homefront Game Is Set In A Future Philadelphia

Kotaku UK: Crytek has finally revealed what it's doing with Homefront, THQ's last stab at a big-budget shooter: it's turning it into a free-roaming guerilla warfare FPS. On first impressions, it's like Homefront meets Far Cry, set in a future Philadelphia dotted with encampments of Korean occupying forces to be photographed with smartphone cameras and disrupted with guns and explosives.

The original Homefront, according to pretty much everybody who worked on it, had one of the most tortured development cycles of the last console generation. It killed off Kaos Studios in the end, and honestly the final product was hardly worth the years of hardship. Homefront was a deeply average shooter with a compelling premise, one of those games that really could have been something. Fighting in an America under military occupation, with tattered flags flying in bombed-out suburban backyards and North Korean militia shooting people in the streets, is still a relatively novel idea.

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iKenny1504d ago

Loved HF and looking forward to sequel.

bobtheimpaler1504d ago

Can we stop by Paddy's pub?

Activemessiah1504d ago

That was 313x better than the Battlefield Hardline trailer.

modesign1504d ago

do they know its always sunny in philly

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