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Chapster1240d ago

Looks pretty but will it be as generic as Crysis?

WeAreLegion1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

I love the story of the first Crysis. The art style was incredible, as well. I honestly don't consider it generic. Sure, they went a little more generic with 2 and 3, but this team is capable of telling a good story, if they want to. FarCry had a good story, too.

-Foxtrot1240d ago


Crytek has this thing now where their new games are hyped up to the max mostly because they look really pretty then when the game comes out we find out it hasn't lived up to the hype

Look how much Homefront got hyped up

gamerfan09091240d ago

Crytek didn't dev HomeFront.

-Foxtrot1240d ago

I bottom line was talking about hype in general.

CaptainFaisal1239d ago

Homefront is underrated in my opinion, its campaign was good but short. The multiplayer was a blast! The only problem was it got shutdown by crytek! The MP was generic everyone was part of the fight. No one camped! each person wants to spawn a vehicle so they go and attack as infantry to gain battle points to buy a tank or heli! And gameplay was amazing!
I hope they have a MP mode in here its what made homefront one better!

RB2011221240d ago

I liked Crysis, especially 3. Pretty, fun and exciting :)

SpideySpeakz1240d ago

This isn't done why the same team that did Crysis and Ryse. This is a development from the Timesplitters team :)..
I'm getting a Red Fraction vibe from it tho.

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modesign1240d ago

looks like wolfenstein the new order just without the swastikas.

WeAreLegion1240d ago

Can't wait to play this one. It looks like they're going with a modern American Revolution. (That wouldn't be a bad idea, by the way, fellow Americans.) Definitely relevant in our current situation.

Dark111240d ago

Good we need more open-world games.

Yodagamer1240d ago

I can't wait to see how this turns out. This is actually being made by the studio who made the time spliter series which were some of the more fun shooters on ps2.

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