A Look at Kickstarted Video Game Delivery Rates

The major finding of this analysis was that only around a third of successfully funded Kickstarter video games have fully delivered on their title over the indicated time period. If you include the number of partially delivered titles, such as the first episode of five being released or an iOS version being released with a PC version still on the way, this delivery result increases to about half of all Kickstarted video games.

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TheLeapist1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Very interesting analysis. I agree almost entirely with the writer's sentiment of being soured by kickstarter. I have backed 3 games and all 3 have been going for years now and have yet to come even close to the concept that was presented initially and have all but ceased to receive updates at this point. It makes me sad because at its core I love the idea of kickstarter but it's difficult when you get amateur developers with overly grand ideas. Anyway, just my two cents. If you feel it's still worth the risk for whatever reasons more power to you.

DJ1503d ago

Yeah, it's a rough place that teaches even crowd-sourced money can't solve fundamental business issues, like planning, proper budgeting and customer service.

I ended up doing freelance work for an iPhone case, and the Kickstarter project owner literally ceased all communication halfway through the job.

A year and a half later, and the people who funded the project don't have their iPhone cases yet.

UnHoly_One1503d ago

Kickstarter is terrible.

DJ1503d ago

What's funny is that the projects that asked for less than 20K or more than 1 million dollars were the ones that really delivered on time. Everything in between suffered from big delays or cancellations.