Sony Hosting “PlayStation’s Summer Fireworks” Livestream, PS4 and PS Vita Info and Trailers Promised

While Sony Computer Entertainment America prepares for E3, on the other side of the Pacific Ocean Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia will be hosting an event of its own on June 6th to start off this hot summer, titled “PlayStation’s Summer Fireworks.”

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Ballsack1289d ago

what Has been great about Sony leading up to e3 is the quietness reminds me of the ps4 reveal..let Microsoft brag about what they have coming get the Xbox fanboys salivating then only to pull the rug with a 8gig gddr5 ram reveal.

something tells me to hire out cinemas that Sony are about to pull the rug again...whilst letting Microsoft run their mouths about how great their e3 will be..I'm sure Microsoft will have a good e3 but shouldn't they have abit of humbleness considering they are millions behind in sales an the last time they bragged about killing Sony at e3 Sony humilated them.

this e3 is going to be the best for years ...

Bennibop1289d ago

I think we are in for a good E3. Just hope we finally get word of The Last Guardian which I believe will send the PS4 hype into overdrive!


Man i can't believe it's next week, my excitement cannot be contained!

minimur121288d ago

I've stocked up on snacks, Pringles, doritos, sweets, mountain dew and rockstar, some cider. Yep. I'm set.

I also plan on ordering a pizza for the later ones too :)

xKugo1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

It really is astonishing, to be honest. Plenty of news about possibilities within their conference and leaks of information about upcoming games(Project Beast and GG new IP) yet they have remained dead silent. Honestly,we know absolutely nothing about their conference because they haven't even mentioned it in conversion/interviews.

Really am impressed with how tight-lipped they have been. Let the hype train grow, I guess.

hellzsupernova1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Media Molecule
Sony London
Sony Bend
We know nothing of these studios just rumours

The five trade marked games we know nothing about.

GG new ip
Naughty dog with Uncharted.
Santa Monica (probably not but they may have another partnership)
Quantic Dream
Sanzaru Sly 5? maybe jak? if anyone could pull it off it is these guys.

I think Sony's silence is better than Microsofts boasting.

Septic1289d ago

"I'm sure Microsoft will have a good e3 but shouldn't they have abit of humbleness considering they are millions behind in sales"

Who says they aren't being humble?? They are just drumming up excitement for their showing and there's nothing wrong in that.

The way you talk about "Xbox fanboys salivating" etc, how can you talk about being humble?

And its the fact that they are behind Sony that they have to instill some confidence in the Xbox brand.

I for one am glad that they are confident enough to talk about their showing. It shows that they want to deliver a good show and have gamer's interests at heart.

They aren't being cocky at all. It just seems that some people are bitter that they're confident in their own showing. This isn't like last year when they said they would destroy their competitors or something along those lines.

I don't get how you've got so many agrees (well I do but still ¬¬)

fenome1288d ago

It's gonna be a good show for everybody! That's what's so good about the competition, it makes them try harder.

medman1288d ago

I agree with you up to a point. I don't have a problem with Microsoft hyping their conference, but I've had a problem with them from day one hyping things like cloud and dx12 when anybody who knows even a little about these things realizes their talk is little more than talk. It's time for them to show, and stop the nonsense. Hopefully they back up the games talk, because the cloud and dx12 will have minimal impact for xbox one, and much more for pc.

Copen1288d ago

No they're being arrogant. Like always and they'll be the brunt of a joke like always. There's a reason no xbox console ever finished better than second place in a generation because second place is what suits them and that's all they'll ever be second place and second rate.

Madderz1288d ago

Cannot believe it's already been a years since E3.

I remember being sat up at some crazy time with my laptop forcing my eyes open to watch it!

Good times.

Roll on on next week.

Gonna be a great week for us gamers.

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Majin-vegeta1289d ago

RPG's and all other sorts of games??:0

Haxamin1289d ago

Cue Georgenoob and Truefan in 3, 2..

Relientk771289d ago

Bring on some JRPGs please

nope1111289d ago

I want a great showing for the Vita. We Vita fans deserve it.

Blastoise1289d ago

We do indeed. And shame on those people who disagreed with you lol

That a Freedom wars avatar?

Protagonist1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Indeed, Indeed, the fanbase really supports the system and besides a possible showing of Persona 5, the Vita presentation is what I`m looking most forward to.

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