Shiness obliterates Initial Kickstarter funding goal, Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One Stretch Goals on Deck

Initial Kickstarter funding goal obliterated.

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fenome754d ago

I know right, I want it on PS4 so bad!!

Zichu754d ago

Please make it to 140k :D

Dark_Overlord754d ago

Even if they don't they've already confirmed they'll bring it to PS4, but at a later date :)

It was the first thing I asked before backing :)

Dark_Overlord754d ago

To the disagreer

From Update #9 on the kickstarter

"About the stretch goals, if we don't hit the PS4 then the console will still be on schedule but it may be a lot delayed. We would first get some money from the PC sales to have enough to port the game and that would be the same for WII-U or XBox One."


veegeeeffex754d ago

"$104,317 pledged of $100,000 goal" = 104%

I'm not sure that fits my idea of obliteration, honestly.

GamingSinceThe80s754d ago

There's still 6 day's to go and it seems like these KS projects get a lot of last minute backers.I plan on being one of them.

gprime754d ago

This is not obliterating. What Reading Rainbow did/is doing is obliterating

fatneal754d ago

this is great news...definitely will be picking this up

BattleN754d ago

Yeap looks really good, and the combat is mostly martial arts or do they wield weapons?

fatneal754d ago

it looks like its all hand to hand combat but boy does it look good