For Discussion: Is The PS4 Really Meeting Its Expectations?

GOS: "The hype for Sony's new console after E3 last year was INSANE!

We take a look at the PlayStation 4 6 months after its release and evaluate its current place among the previous PlayStations."

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incendy351293d ago

So far it is very disappointing. It will get better though, PS3 started out really weak too and ended strong.

georgeenoob1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

It is definitely better to wait on PS4, maybe one or two years once the exclusives come out.

I just recently bought a PS3 to experience Uncharted and GOWIII (PSN Georgeenoob), and plan on doing the same with PS4 4-5 years down the road for Uncharted 4.

With X1 there're plenty of games straight out of launch along with a promising fall 2014 and 2015, so buying one now especially after the price cut is very justified.

thereapersson1293d ago

Yeah, I'll be buying an XOne to experience all it has to offer, but I don't see enough compelling software besides Sunset Overdrive and a few other far off titles. I'll probably pick a One up in a couple years when the price hopefully is dropped again to match the lower powered hardware when compared to the PS4.


Whenever i see your name i disagree with your comment immediately, it's either trolling or nonsense.


Judging ANY console this early is a mistake, wait until its in second year when more games and exclusives start rolling.
As for the moment im enjoying my PS4 and im sure waiting for the best to come.

BattleAxe1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

There hasn't been anything to come out since launch that I feel is a 'must buy'. I'm a fan of the Killzone series and the Infamous series, but I just couldn't get excited for either of those games. Personally, I haven't bought into the hype for The Order 1886. It looks ok so far, but I'm just not getting the same feeling of excitement as I did for the Uncharted games, GOW3 or The Last of Us.

When Uncharted comes out, that's when things will start to get good. If Sony makes Heavenly Sword 2 or a high quality Syphon Filter game, then thats when they will have some 'must have' games. I'd love to see Guerrilla Games take on the Resistance series, and a God of War game on the size and scale of GOW3 would be awesome.

KinjoTakemura1293d ago

Georgenoob keeps talking about exclusives as if any of the "so called" xbox one exclusives are actually worth mentioning. Most of the exclusives on the xbox one are average to mediocre. Some aren't even worth mentioning. Name one Xbox One exclusive THAT IS ON SALE RIGHT NOW that even comes close to competing with Infamous Second Son.
note: "Titanfall is not exclusive to Xbox One"

dodo1011293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

What nice, you have a PSN account with no games played.
Nice trolling

NewMonday1293d ago (Edited 1292d ago )


+bubble for funny

Thanks for the laughs, I needed that after another depressing episode of Game of Thrones

Locknuts1292d ago

I'm in the same boat. Sold my 360 last year and bought a PS3 for TLOU.

sic_chops1292d ago

@george there are more ps4 games out than x1. More announced too. Why you always waste your one little bubble by trolling? Because your scared.

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HeWhoWalks1293d ago

I have to ask - what could be so disappointing about it, if the PS3 (and most PlayStation/console launches) was just as tame? Virtually no one buys a launch machine expecting the best it will offer, rather, they pick it up to experience the latest technology and software to showcase said work.

In this regard, the PS4 is no different than most consoles are their births. It just so happens that, believe it or not, with all of the downloadable/Indie titles, in addition to retail copy, the PS4 had the biggest launch of this gen (and perhaps of any).

I'm not saying one CAN'T be disappointed with the current line-up, but given anyone who bought one at launch should have known what would be what 7 months after the thing released, there shouldn't be any extreme "letdowns". As mentioned, the software will be there, ESPECIALLY given the track record of the PlayStation brand.

insomnium21292d ago

Agreed 100%. Anyone dissapointed is an idiot. What did they expect really?

I will wait this gen. No money and even less time to play. It's taken me months to put 80 hours into Dark Souls 1 on my PS3 (still a work in progress as I just started NG+) and my backlog is long as all hell. I was the first in line for PS3 and I have no hurry to change my main console atm. My PS3 is giving me my money's worth ten fold. My console of choise is and will always be Playstation (unless Sony screws up badly) so PS4 it is when the time comes.

AndrewLB1292d ago

insomnium2- My account was suspended on this site for saying EXACTLY the same thing you did, but it was referring to PS4 fanboys. Lets see if you get the same treatment as me.

MeLoveRamen1293d ago

As much as i love my ps4 i do have to agree with you incendy, disappointed isn't the word i would use, more on the lines of not very interesting yet. I knew going into buying a console day 1 that there would be a very limited selection of games but i bought one anyways soley off the hype of next gen. Had killzone and infamous and really did enjoy them but finished infamous in a week and killzone in 3 months.

But now is about the time that the AAA games start to come out with watchdogs, ufc, and evil within and last of us set in summer. So the drought has ended but not really interested in anything except batman, driveclub, destiny and evolve so i have a little longer to wait to play some games that i am interested in.

Glad i just bought a wii u with mario kart and some other games to hold me over until fall but once fall hits the ps4 is gonna be a monster of a console.

starchild1293d ago

Things generally always start of slow with every console. As someone who owns a gaming PC and a PS4 I can't say that I have played a lot of games on my PS4 so far, but I bought it knowing that would be the case.

Still, I've enjoyed Infamous Second Son and Killzone Shadow Fall (the first more than the second) and a couple other smaller games and I think the future looks bright. I can't wait for The Last of Us remastered, The Order 1886 and Uncharted 4.

kratoz12091292d ago

Seriously there is already heaps of games to play.
FF14 is addictive
War Thunder is a great F2P game
Infamous second son was awesome

TheMapleNerd1292d ago

I love all these people hating on other people, just because they want to wait.. How old are you?
Of course it is normal to wait 1-2 years to buy a console if you have no friends on it. I have 1 friend that have a Ps4, the rest is waiting.. as so am i...

Magicite1292d ago

Ive a feeling PS4 is on a way to become greatest console so far.

Personally I am waiting for JRPGs and thats main reason why I always have loved Playstation, although Im mainly playing on PC.

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AceBlazer131293d ago

inFamous Second Son
Final Fantasy XIV
The Last of Us
PlanetSide 2
Guilty Gear Xrd
Samurai Warriors 4


I'd say that'd be a pretty decent line up for a first year list.
Now I'll admit my PS4 has been collecting dust lately but that's because I'm holding off on buying anything till I get a Wii U. However it's nice to know that by years end, should I decide to squander my savings ,I'll have a nice range of exclusives and multi plats to choose from on my ps4.So yh I'd say it's doing aight.

Zero-One1293d ago

In comparison to PS3's start, the PS4's growing pains look like nothing in comparison. Witch means it's only gonna be better from here on out.

AndrewLB1292d ago

Why are you listing Planetside 2 and Final Fantasy XIV as PS4 exclusives. Both of those games have been out on PC for years now. Also, DriveClub, TLOU, Guilty Gear Xrd, and Samurai Warriors 4 aren't even released yet.

So basically your list has:

Count them... 4 games, not the 10 you claim.

kratoz12091292d ago

Yet everyone one mentions Titanfall is an xbox exclusive?

SoulSercher6201292d ago

He was making a list of PS4 GAMES, not just exclusives

LordMaim1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Then I guess no one should mention Xbox One exclusives like:

Gears of War
Halo 5
Sunset Overdrive
Quantum Break
Forza 6
Ryse 2

I've seen Xbox One advocates layer on these titles on lists like these all the time. Since half of them are 2015 and the other half are unannounced potential games for some point in the future, it only seems fair that they come off the lists as well if we're pruning.

Whereas the PS4 games that you removed are at least coming out this year, among others. Put the exclusives that are out this year with the multiplatform games that are already out (and perform better on the PS4), and Georgenoob's advice seems somewhat calculated.

Almost as though he had an agenda of some sort.

GribbleGrunger1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Will you people stop pretending that multiplatform games don't exist and shouldn't be counted as games to play on the PS4. The PS4 has more Indies, more exclusive, more FTP games and better multiplatform. Live with it.

It's the XB1 that has fewer games to play.

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ltachiUchiha1292d ago

After E3 the critics will stfu. Uncharted 4 alone will make ppl believe. Mark my words.

Jihaad_cpt1292d ago

At the risk of sounding like a fan boy... UNCHARTED 4 will destroy the competition!

lifeisgamesok1293d ago

IMHO no, only because of the unimpressive game lineup so far

Bennibop1293d ago

Ps4 is on daily my xbox one is on if I am lucky once a week. I find it funny that there are these constant articles about ps4 having nothing to play yet I thinks it is one of the best launch years in all my years of gaming. Where are the x1 articles about no games to play on the x1 as that is a real issue, as there are no other exclusives other than sunset this year.

XStation1293d ago

That's because E3 hasn't came yet. People keep talking like Sunset Overdrive will be the only game when we have no idea what games are gonna be talked about at E3.

Nykamari1292d ago

Bennie hop they did the same thing when the PS3 was launched. We know what happened after that! Nothing but games. So this PlayStation has no games is boring now. Just wait and see the reactions once the flood gates open.😱😱㈸ 1;😱😱

GodGinrai1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

"Where are the x1 articles about no games to play on the x1 as that is a real issue"

Huh? I been enjoying forza, titanfall, super time force, killer instinct and the project spark beta, over the last week alone.

I also have:
Ryse (Not a terrible game...just not a great one)
strike suit zero
rayman legends
child of light

Im not starving for good games to play right now, so how is it an issue?

"as there are no other exclusives other than sunset this year."

Somebody has not been paying attention to the pre E3 announcements, lately.....

EDIT:Bottom line is, in a years time there wont be any more need to discuss lack of games. We are six months out since launch of these consoles and E3 is here right on time. Both platforms will have plenty of first and third party games to look forward to over the next 12 months.

Bennibop1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )


In that case I have been playing

Stick it to the Man
Rayman Legends
Dead Nation

So not sure what your point is!?

I was pointing out that there are no 'there are no game on x1' articles yet there actually is less games to play on x1 at the moment. Plus agree there are games to play on both machines at the moment just PS4 has a few more at this point in time therefore these stupid opinion pieces submitted by people that don't PS4 are ridiculous!

GodGinrai1292d ago


"I was pointing out that there are no 'there are no game on x1' articles yet there actually is less games to play on x1 at the moment"

Then point that out. I agree that such articles are pointless, when leveled at PS4. I have said that in other posts before! You can do that without saying things like this:

"Where are the x1 articles about no games to play on the x1 as that is a real issue"

Its simply false. Which is why I brought up the games that I am currently playing and have enjoyed on X1 since it launched back in november. To counter THAT point. I agreed with the rest of your post.

GribbleGrunger1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

And here we are with PS fans being pulled into the argument of 'exclusives' and so allowing this narrative to continue. Bennibop is right, the real issue is with the XB1 but you're all being easily manipulated into thinking the way the media want you to. Games are games, and there are more on the PS4 than the XB1.

You must fight this folks because if it continues it will become the little lie that continues throughout this generation. It held the Vita back and that's exactly what certain media outlets want it to do with the PS4. Save those list and use them regularly. Don't ever stop posting them.

Haven't you all noticed that the media don't want to talk about Indies or FTP so they can artificially bring down the number of exclusives on the PS4. Haven't you noticed that the media then want to focus on the exclusives and not the multiplatform games. Haven't you noticed how the media keep asking 'does resolution matter?' or 'does framerate matter?'. Isn't it sinking in yet that all of these approached benefit a certain console that is getting beaten easily?

When you see a lie, put it right.

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SniperControl1293d ago

What? What exclusives have you been playing so far?

Bennibop1292d ago

MLB:2014, Killzone, Infamous, Knack, FFXIV, Resogun plus all the indies.

SniperControl1292d ago


Dude, i was questioning lifeisgamesok's comment about the PS4's lack of games.

The X1 hasnt exactly been flooded with games lately like he assumes it has. Infact the PS4 currently has a larger library of games than the X1.

sic_chops1292d ago

@life I just got finished cropping that poster of Phil Spencer you wanted me to make for you. Let me know if that's how you wanted it.

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CharlesDCI1293d ago

I can understand why someone wouldn't be happy with a PS4 but I am playing way to many great games on it to fully get behind that type of thinking. It is almost like some gamers are expecting the PS4 to achieve in 6 months what the PS3 did in a whole generation.

fenome1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

I didn't buy it for a launch line-up, I bought it because I knew I'd still be using it years from now. I still own and enjoy a bunch of old consoles, it's not like the old games stop working just because a new one's out. lol

Either way though, I don't regret jumping in off the bat one bit, I've enjoyed and been impressed with what I've played already. Can't wait to see it keep progressing and what kind of games we'll be playing later on down the line.


I almost never keep my old console (at least not for long, I either sell it to put the money towards the new one when I'm stranded or enjoy it for more 6 months or so and give it away - the same way I got my first console, a NES), even so I don't think PS4 is behind anyone's expectations.

In 6 months we had Killzone, Infamous, BF4, COD, AC4 and Watch Dogs... 6 solid big budget games. Also plenty of good indie, smaller or rereleased games. As far as library goes, I'd say this gen had been much better early on than past ones.

Sure features and general performance wise I believe everyone wants something more, there's always that little detail that you would expect differently, but I believe the judging factor for an early buyer should be a healthy library growth (afterall we buy those things for games first and foremost). And with that considered, the only way someone could really be disappointed with PS4 is if the person already have completelly unrealistic expectations to begin with.

starchild1293d ago

I agree. All things said, the lineup at the start of this generation is probably better than any lineup in the past 3 generations. That goes for all the platforms.

AndrewLB1292d ago

StarChild- PS3 released in North America along with 14 Launch Titles, adding 3 more by the end of 2006. In early 2007, another 4 big games were released. So in the first 6 months the PS3 had at least 21 popular games available. When PS3 was released in Europe, 24 games were available.

PS3 had a far more extensive number of software titles than PS4 in the months following launch.

fenome1292d ago

Look at how different the PS3 is now than it was when it launched, all the improvements that were made over its life cycle. Look at what the games looked like at the beginning of last gen and what they look like at now.

People seem to forget that it takes time for these things to evolve.

callahan091292d ago


According to the wikipedia pages for PS3 games (split into two pages, one for downloadable games and one for blu-ray releases) and PS4 games, the PS3 had 52 titles available in North America by early June 2007.

And the PS4 has 63 titles available now in North America.

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