Xbox 360 Weekly Deals: Diablo III $19.99, Fable Anniversary $24.99 FFXIII: Lighting $34.99 and more

Xbox 360 deals and sales from Microsoft Store, Amazon, Target, NewEgg, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Frys, Groupon, eBay and GameFly.

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dannygamer962d ago

Will Amazon PM Best Buy? Waiting for Fable Anniversary price to update.

muttsurini962d ago

Fable anniversary was laggy and have many screen tearing problem.

liamn962d ago

Any one played Metro: Last Light? Is it worth $15?

LAWSON72962d ago

Easily, it has a good 10+hr campaign with fantastic atmosphere.

jacobvogel962d ago

Just bought GTAV for $29.99 .. Now that's a great deal.

timothyckeegan962d ago

Everyone should purchase Diablo III

Tom87962d ago

Never seen this game go on sale for $20 before.

andrewsimons962d ago

More and more people will still buy Xbox 360 these years considering the great deals every day for the console.

Apollo1962d ago

I don't think so. You can pay a $150 more and get Xbox One. Lets not forget Xbox One have great deals too these days. Almost all launch titles for $29.99

KonsoruMasuta962d ago

Not everyone is going to want to pay $150 more.

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