Wii U Weekly Deals: Pro Controllers $39.99, Lego City Undercover $35.99, Mario Kart 8 $49.99 & more

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edgarohickman1450d ago

Great deal on pro controllers. I could use more of those for guests :)

MeLoveRamen1450d ago

Zombiu for 13 bucks seems like a great deal and i just got my wii u so i might as well pick some games out for it.

Tom871450d ago

Splinter cell blacklist is amazing. The early multiplayer issues have been fixed, and single player is one of the best I have experienced.

andrewsimons1450d ago

How long is single player?

dannygamer1450d ago

How is Mario Kart 8 every one :)?
Going to grab it tomorrow from Frys.

mydyingparadiselost1450d ago

Definitely worth picking up for $50 bucks around launch.

GamingSinceThe80s1450d ago

It's more mario kart.If you liked the other ones you should like MK8. The free game download makes it worth it for sure.

randomass1711450d ago

My friend and I have been playing splitscreen together. So much fun! I'm buying my own Wii U/MK8 bundle this week! :D

guitarded771450d ago

Honest opinion...

I played it for 14 hours straight after getting it... I NEVER do that. So, it's Very good, and with the promotion of getting a free game download with it, it's worth the money.

BUT... it's not perfect. The downfalls IMO are lack of a real battle mode. Lack of online voice chat with NON-friends (That's kinda a good way to meet new friends). And... I just wish there were more levels and customization. The levels are ALL good, but it's easy to burn through the game in a few hours, which is why I think the free game promotion from Nintendo makes it worth the $60. On it's own, I'd be wanting more content for the price.

weekev151450d ago

Its amazing. Definitely got that "just one more race" vibe to it. Had a couple of nights so far In bed much later than someone with young children should. Feeling very tired to be goin back to work on a Monday morning.

MeLoveRamen1450d ago

Mario kart is the best game that has released this year bar none. I haven't played a mario kart since the 64 but man mk8 has sunk its hook in me and it won't come out.

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mydyingparadiselost1450d ago

Anyone thinking they want the steering wheel from Target for MK8 should temper their expectations. The one I went to was out of them and said a very limited quantity had been sent and I went on the day the game came out. It may be different for other locations but it's just something to keep in mind.

Rockefellow1450d ago

The store I went to had them on the shelves by the Nintendo section in electronics. I assumed it was just some cheap wheel left over from the Wii days that they received to shovel off on people, but it's an actual product they sell on a regular basis-- the salesman said that it'd been in stock for a little while before the game launched, and that a few were even purchased by hapless folks anticipating the game's release.

For the record for any curious people, it's still in the same ballpark as the original Wii wheel that launched with Mario Kart Wii as far as quality goes. It's a nice bonus if it can be found, but it isn't really worth it to specifically choose Target unless you don't already have a wheel and want it for whatever reason. The game plays fine without it, obviously.

Then again, it's probably slim pickings for free stuff at this point after launch, so Target might as well be a first stop for anyone interested in the game already.

Spooney3231450d ago

The original target I had my reserve didn't get their shipment so I had to go a little out of the way to another. Got my copy of the game, steering wheel, but no $5 gift card. What a bummer but me and my kids are having a blast on MK8. I've not been this involved in a game with them for awhile. God bless you Nintendo. Thank you for bringing families together especially mine.