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Nic from Continue Play reviews Killzone Shadow Fall. It's pretty, but bland.

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seanpitt231422d ago

This game had good graphics but the gameplay was the same didn't do anything different. The story could of been better and the more you progressed in the game the more boring it got the final 3rd of this game was pretty bad and the ending was worse "did it all for nothing" feeling. I would give this game a 7/10.

Nic_Bunce1422d ago

Yeah, we give entirely average as a 5/10 on CP. 7/10 means good :)

Totally agree about the ending though - it was pretty pathetic.

LOGICWINS1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Id give it a 6 personally. As a whole, I think most would agree that the campaign got progressively worse as it went on. The game started out strong IMO. But those last chapters felt tacked on. The Forest level was the standout section of the game.

But unlike others, I actually liked the ending. I enjoyed the irony that despite Echo wanting peace between the Helghast and the Vektans throughout most of the game, she ended up reigniting the hatred between both groups by killing you know who.

Its a commentary on real life, suggesting that war is generally inevitable. Despite wanting peace, revenge/emotions get the better of us.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1422d ago

The gameplay wasn't the same at all as other Killone's. It did get boring after a while though, but I blame that on the length of the game. 10 hours is too long for most fps games. The story and ending were bad. MP was stellar though. I'd give it an 8/10. Good attempt at a new direction for the franchise but understandably underpolished.

LOGICWINS1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

10-12 hours is fine for an FPS. Its up to developers to keep things varied and interesting throughout. How much you like Shadowfall is dependant on how important multiplayer is to you. Id give it an 8.5 if your spending 95% of your time on the multiplayer.

But if your primarily a single player gamer like me, its a 6. And thats factoring in my generosity since its a launch title.

KZ2 and KZ3 EASILY had better campaigns/stories. Shadowfall disappointed me so much that it made me want to buy a Vita just so I could play Mercenary to play through a solid KZ story.

bobtheimpaler1422d ago

@logic. Didn't care for kz3s story. Felt pointless on the whole. Gameplay was never as good as kz2. Shadow fall puts the series back on the right track and avoids the typical Michael bay nonsense that affects most shooters. Echo, Hera and Tyran are far more interesting characters than Sev or Jammer who doesn't even look like she belongs in the universe. I get this idea that they needed to appeal to people by putting a 'hot' Latino character in there.

Enemy encounters are far more interesting than a lot of scripted crap we got in kz3.

I really enjoyed the Blade Runner inspired settings and tone. Wouldn't say no to another killzone game like this if they just refined and built upon some of the ideas they introduced in this game.

LOGICWINS1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Dude Jammer was freaking hot lol! I think GG succeeded with Shadowfall if the goal was to give the series a serious tone, but the execution left a lot to be desired. In the chapter where u escape the prison, Echo introduces you to the poor quality of life that the Helghasts have on their side of Vekta.

I didnt feel one shred of emotion for them. All of them looked like Spock lol.

I agree that Tyran was a cool character, but GG wasted him. The boss battle was stupid easy once you realize theres a rocket launcher in an armory close by.

KinjoTakemura1421d ago

10 hours too long? You're kidding right? Wolfenstein is close to 20 hours and it is a hell of a lot better than Killzone SF. Hell, Wolfenstein is on my top ten games of the year for the PS4.

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Rowco1471422d ago

This game is great I'm a big kz fan. I was playing wolfenstein the new order last night wishing kill zone Shadow Fall was as good as it

LOGICWINS1422d ago

Im dying to play wolfenstein! After Shadowfall. I need an FPS to get that bad taste out of my mouth. If I hadnt bought Shadowfall digitally, I would've traded it in for Wolfenstein.

Silly gameAr1421d ago

Might have not done anything different, but a it was a solid experience. Rated way to low imo.

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Lawboy21422d ago

Man this game is amazing....probably my second favorite game this generation on either system...highly underrated...and the story is amazing...especially the ending....I never done so many things in one free fall level was beyond

CanadianTurtle1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

I stopped playing the KZ franchise because GG has clearly shown that they cannot make a game with a decent storyline. That is something fans and critics have been upset about for quite a while, ever since KZ2 came out. After so much that's been said about the poor characters and stories in these games, the developers still don't get what we want.

KZ3 was my last KZ game. It had amazing action, probably some of the best action I've seen in last gen gaming. KZ:Shadowfall didn't even surpass the previous entries.

With such lack of great storytelling, I'm wondering how GG is going to handle their next gen RPG.

LOGICWINS1422d ago

I actually thought KZ3 had a good story as far as popcorn action movies go. The characters felt much more alive. It was no Bioshock Infinite, but it was pretty good. The only major flaw was that abrupt ending. When or if there is another Killzone, the smartest thing GG can do is bring back Sev and Rico. It would have to be a prequel.

user56695101421d ago

i heard the story and the lore of the kz universe is great. i wonder if its just hard for them to transition it to a game. i love the concept of the kz universe. the story just was kinda forgetable or its just i couldnt stand the ISA. even though each sides have they reason why they at war with each other i favored helghast more. why havent none of the games focus on the helghast. that why i stop playing after kz2. i love kz2, the story was ok but forgettable. but that mp pour gold. i was kinda mad when they change the gunplay after people started bashing the game. it made you slow down when shooting.

you running, spot enemy, stop, aim, shoot. people want to be able run n gun by being able to quickly aim. you also had to control you shot more because of the recoil. most of the people that was complaining didnt even own the game and was just bashing it because they was fanboys.

internet trolls be doing the most damage to games, because devs be thinking its really something wrong when is not.

SonyStyled1421d ago

im sorry you skipped on mercenary... shame because its story is up there with kz2

CanadianTurtle1421d ago

KZ2's story wasn't anything to write home about, so don't worry about it

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