June 2014 DLC Release Schedule

June is all about the E3 hype-train. Expectedly, the game releases have slowed down considerably, and those that are releasing are not seeing a great amount of content. At least, not right away.

Most have pre-order incentives, such as the Bruce Lee character for UFC and Wildstar’s Deluxe Edition extras.

The big releases this month are Killzone Shadow Fall’s Intercept DLC, as well as the Streetfighter IV Ultra upgrade and the third Call of Duty Ghosts DLC pack, Invasion.

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USMC43967d ago

That picture made me instantly miss COD 4's MP. Still the best ever.

ats1992967d ago (Edited 967d ago )

That map is on MW2 not COD 4. But i agree COD 4 had the best multiplayer.

crusf967d ago

But that map is from MW2.

Joey_Leone967d ago

What he's saying is the COD games today are trash.

GarrusVakarian967d ago

Man, dat nostalgia from the article picture.

Ghost_Nappa967d ago

PSA: You don't need to preorder UFC to play as Bruce Lee, he can be unlocked by beating the game on pro difficulty.