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Double Fine's Tim Shafer Loves Wii U's Super Mario 3D World

Tim Shafer, co-founder and owner of Double Fine Productions, the team behind Psyconauts and Broken Age has revealed which games he really loves. In an interview with The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, Shafer reveals that he loves playing the Wii U exclusive Super Mario 3D World with his daughter, particularly the co-op mode. (Super Mario 3D World, Wii U)

WeAreLegion  +   457d ago
Why is this news? Everyone loves it. It's an incredible game.
Yi-Long  +   457d ago
I'd love to play it, and I'm sure one day I will, but I can't justify the purchase of a WiiU just yet. The system is still quite expensive here in Holland (250-300 EURO), plus the must-have exclusives also pretty much remain around 45-50 euro.

Kinda hoping for some nice announcements from E3 regarding the WiiU and new games.
dieger  +   457d ago
True its too bad the super mario bros. series has gone downhill :/
deafdani  +   456d ago
New Super Mario Bros U is superb, and the best in the "New" series.
SliceOfTruth888  +   457d ago
Going to have to disagree I've never been let down by a Mario ever till this. The levels were boring the music stunk and it was entirely too easy.
Deadpoolio  +   456d ago
How is it that you weren't let down by New Super Mario/Luigi U? All the Wii U Mario games have been pretty MEH, not terrible but just meh
Killzoner99  +   457d ago
Wow I just lost a ton of respect for Schafer. This something he should have kept to himself. The Mario series had become so stale and unfun . Basically unless you're ten years old , you shouldn't be playing it.
Summons75  +   457d ago
By your comment you haven't played a Mario game since you were ten. There always fun, challenging and just plain simple for everyone. I've only heard ten year olds think that games rated E are for kids only...
MNGamer-N  +   457d ago
Sad to see how unhappy people can be in life, to hate a great video game.
thegent  +   457d ago
So you also have no respect for every single website or magazine that reviews games?
brewin  +   457d ago
What a joke. Stale and unfun? Sounds like ur talking about shooter a b or c. People like you who spread this sort of nonsense are the reason the gaming industry will go thru another collapse.
jcnba28  +   457d ago
Says the guy with a Killzone thumbnail...
marloc_x  +   457d ago
It SMOKED Killzone:Shadow Fall's attach rate..
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live2play  +   456d ago
youre so grown up. when i grow up i want to be just like you
BoneBone  +   456d ago
We'd all lose respect for you after that comment, but you'd have to have some to lose first.
veterangamer1  +   457d ago
this game was excellent all the way!
LightDiego  +   457d ago
I love it too.

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