Double Fine's Tim Shafer Loves Wii U's Super Mario 3D World

Tim Shafer, co-founder and owner of Double Fine Productions, the team behind Psyconauts and Broken Age has revealed which games he really loves. In an interview with The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, Shafer reveals that he loves playing the Wii U exclusive Super Mario 3D World with his daughter, particularly the co-op mode.

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WeAreLegion1269d ago

Why is this news? Everyone loves it. It's an incredible game.

Yi-Long1269d ago

I'd love to play it, and I'm sure one day I will, but I can't justify the purchase of a WiiU just yet. The system is still quite expensive here in Holland (250-300 EURO), plus the must-have exclusives also pretty much remain around 45-50 euro.

Kinda hoping for some nice announcements from E3 regarding the WiiU and new games.

dieger1269d ago

True its too bad the super mario bros. series has gone downhill :/

deafdani1269d ago

New Super Mario Bros U is superb, and the best in the "New" series.

SliceOfTruth8881269d ago

Going to have to disagree I've never been let down by a Mario ever till this. The levels were boring the music stunk and it was entirely too easy.

Deadpoolio1269d ago

How is it that you weren't let down by New Super Mario/Luigi U? All the Wii U Mario games have been pretty MEH, not terrible but just meh

Killzoner991269d ago

Wow I just lost a ton of respect for Schafer. This something he should have kept to himself. The Mario series had become so stale and unfun . Basically unless you're ten years old , you shouldn't be playing it.

Summons751269d ago

By your comment you haven't played a Mario game since you were ten. There always fun, challenging and just plain simple for everyone. I've only heard ten year olds think that games rated E are for kids only...

MNGamer-N1269d ago

Sad to see how unhappy people can be in life, to hate a great video game.

thegent1269d ago

So you also have no respect for every single website or magazine that reviews games?

brewin1269d ago

What a joke. Stale and unfun? Sounds like ur talking about shooter a b or c. People like you who spread this sort of nonsense are the reason the gaming industry will go thru another collapse.

jcnba281269d ago

Says the guy with a Killzone thumbnail...

marloc_x1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

It SMOKED Killzone:Shadow Fall's attach rate..

live2play1269d ago

youre so grown up. when i grow up i want to be just like you

BoneBone1269d ago

We'd all lose respect for you after that comment, but you'd have to have some to lose first.

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veterangamer11269d ago

this game was excellent all the way!