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Games with Gold for the XBox One – A Worrisome Premise Despite Confirmed Titles

Games with Gold for XBox One titles confirmed...but where are they??? (Xbox LIVE, Xbox One)

RiPPn  +   489d ago
Even the 360 game isn't up yet which is odd since the writing on the webpage says Saints Row is until May 31st and it's still there.
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Cobra951  +   489d ago
Hmm . . . yeah. What are June's games? May has been the best month yet for me, with Dust and SR3 (2 awesome games I missed, until now). I hope June follows suit.
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xDHAV0K24x  +   489d ago
360 gets 3 games; dark souls, ultra street fighter 4 and something else. The free xb1 games i already own. Max is exceptional. Spartan assault was alright
SovereignSnaKe  +   489d ago
Charlie Murder is also coming to 360 this month besides Street Fighter and Dark Souls.
DragonbornZ  +   489d ago
Had me confused too. You can actually search up dark souls in the market place and download it for free. Downloading it now. Dunno why it isn't on the dashboard yet though.
vallencer  +   489d ago
I think they just don't update the dashboard until an official "workday".
No_Limit  +   489d ago
Dude, you people are trippin, you know MS operates on the West coast right? As with every update, they usually don't update the XB1 dashboard with the new games until around noon Pacific Standard time. Been like that since last summer for X360 games. You either don't have the system, don't have Live gold, or just a plain troll to not know that. Also, the games for XB1 comes with the update due to it requiring a new system update, which isn't out yet.

Patience, my friends. LOL
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r1sh12  +   489d ago
youre 100% correct.
Usually in the UK we wouldnt get an update, or change until 1800 (6pm), MS just roll it out to all locales at the same time, rather than each time zone separately. Whats the point, this is much simple.
k3rn3ll  +   489d ago
I honestly always thought it would hit when the June update went live. And there has been stuff on the front page about GREG since the nnn ointment. Only recently, like in the past week was it replaced by the watch dogs info and new dlc for Titanfall and COD. Total click bait article. Writer is a twit. They will come when update is live for everyone
aragon  +   489d ago
ive had dark souls since 9pm on the 31st no idea what the fuss is xbone games to be added after june update already been said two weeks ago
Mikefizzled  +   489d ago
Jeff Rubenstein has confirmed that the Xbox One Games With Gold will not arrive until after the next system update. The dates for both the update and the availability of the Games With Gold are yet to be confirmed.
troylazlow  +   489d ago
up for me
GearSkiN  +   489d ago
Just a glitch in guessing on Xbox 360 darksoul pic is already on the dashboard
user4693217   489d ago | Spam
GearSkiN  +   489d ago
From what I know once the June update become available for everybody, the update have GWG
BakPAin  +   489d ago
Maybe theyre waiting to launch them when the Kinectless Xbox comes out. New console sku, new update, beginning of GFG on XB1. Just a guess, I felt like the article was reaching a bit. Worried, lol......
Chris12  +   489d ago
Agreed, a 'worrisome premise'', another pure junk article for clickbait. SMH
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   489d ago
Why would this be worrisome? The games are coming and they are a BONUS included with Gold. Even if they took all month to appear as a free download it still wouldnt be a problem. Man gamers seem to feel they are always entitled to something for nothing...
GamingSinceThe80s  +   489d ago
To be fair we have been waiting 7 months for GWG to come to XBO.Where as Sony had 2 games free on launch day,contrast and resogun the highest reviewed PS4 game at launch and one free game a month since and are upping it to two games per month starting this tuesday.I'm ok waiting a another week because I have to much to play already,.but can totally see why others are mad about further delay's from MS.If they were smart MS would do something nice for all the early adopters who supported them through all their back tracking,lack of GWG and most of all saying they would never sell XBO without Kinect as little as 2 months ago.If they don't that's ok,but I for one won't buy the next Xbox anytime near launch ever again.
lemoncake  +   489d ago
Sure they said they would come with the June update, so nothing to worry about.
Grown Folks Talk  +   489d ago
360 versions often don't show immediately on the dashboard, but are available if you look them up. One versions were already stated to start alongside the June update. Not sure if people just actually don't pay attention to details, or if they are purposefully do so just to bash Microsoft at every turn.
n4rc  +   489d ago
After reading the first few lines.. I know the author didn't do the least bit of research

Its already been stated, gwg will roll out with the June update.. There is no set date they release the monthly updates..

Simple yes?
shadyiswin  +   489d ago
Anything to make microsoft look bad lol,now they are giving much more recent games,now the complaints are they aren't here yet when they clearly said it will take place sometime in june with the update that unlocks netflix and such without a gold account being required
Clown_Syndr0me  +   489d ago
Anything to try and bash MS. Pathetic.
When I checked the PS Store a couple of hours ago the PS Plus games weren't up yet, but last months had been taken down. You don't see an article about that do you?
No. Because its unnecessary click bait, and fuel for fanboys.
GamingSinceThe80s  +   489d ago
PSplus are going to be added on the first tuesday of every month from now on.And now we get 2 different games per month for PS4,Insead of there always being one game that stays around for several months.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   489d ago
Several months? dont know where you are but in Uk PS Plus for PS4 has given one game per month, and its changed first day of every month.
Im not complaining by any means, Im just pointing out right now on my store there is no games on offer as last months has expired and this months isnt up yet, and no one has posted an article about it - and they shouldnt. So this shouldnt have been posted either.
GamingSinceThe80s  +   489d ago
I live in the U,S and we have only been getting 1 new game per month also.But resogun has stayed available for new PS4 owners too.But Sony just said that is changing and instead they are giving 2 new games per month instead,this month being the first.They also said instead of leaving us guessing when it would update they are going to add the new games on the first tuesday of every month.Maybe they drop the old ones on the first?You mite be getting the same treatment in the U.K and don't know it yet.It was only announced a few day's ago here.I hope you guy's are getting the same.I'm sure it was reported on NFG you should be able to find the story if you care too.Cheers.
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mhunterjr  +   489d ago
What is 'worrying' about the premise? MS is pretty much aping PS+ subscription based model as a means of securing more recent titles to their service. There's nothing worrisome about that all.

as far as the 'delay' on xbox1 offerings, it's already been confirmed that a system update is required to make this possible... Likely because games will need to be time stamped ala PS+ so that they can be expire with any subscriptions... Otherwise they wouldn't be able to accommodate offline play.

What's 'worrisome' is that some outlets will try to make a negative story out of any positive news coming from Microsoft.
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Yetter  +   489d ago
Whatever, its sunday
LAWSON72  +   489d ago
If I had to guess Tuesday will be the day
Flames76  +   489d ago
Stop with the damn fanboy articles.My god you pathetic moron get a damn life.They said it would be the second part of the month.Is that really to damn hard to understand?
sgtGanGreen  +   489d ago
Games with gold for X1 will arrive with June update. Wash your eyes and read again what Major Nelsone wrote
king_ps4  +   488d ago
Major Nelson is a tool.
DaGamingKing  +   488d ago
"The lack of transparency is not placing me in a state of mind that would encourage me to recommend the XB1 over the PS4 to anyone who happened to ask me"

If this is the only means for which you recommend a console (ie the free games) then its a sad day for gaming.
ramo216  +   488d ago
Click bait..
We got the same thing on the Sony side for a while too. Heck, they only just recently made a set time schedule of the first Tuesday of the month.
Then, even after that, you play the "what time does the store refresh?" game. Your store refreshes at 9p.m. so you only technically get the game for 3 hours on said day.

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