Games with Gold for the XBox One – A Worrisome Premise Despite Confirmed Titles

Games with Gold for XBox One titles confirmed...but where are they???

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RiPPn1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Even the 360 game isn't up yet which is odd since the writing on the webpage says Saints Row is until May 31st and it's still there.

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DragonbornZ1456d ago

Had me confused too. You can actually search up dark souls in the market place and download it for free. Downloading it now. Dunno why it isn't on the dashboard yet though.

vallencer1456d ago

I think they just don't update the dashboard until an official "workday".

No_Limit1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Dude, you people are trippin, you know MS operates on the West coast right? As with every update, they usually don't update the XB1 dashboard with the new games until around noon Pacific Standard time. Been like that since last summer for X360 games. You either don't have the system, don't have Live gold, or just a plain troll to not know that. Also, the games for XB1 comes with the update due to it requiring a new system update, which isn't out yet.

Patience, my friends. LOL

r1sh121456d ago

youre 100% correct.
Usually in the UK we wouldnt get an update, or change until 1800 (6pm), MS just roll it out to all locales at the same time, rather than each time zone separately. Whats the point, this is much simple.

k3rn3ll1456d ago

I honestly always thought it would hit when the June update went live. And there has been stuff on the front page about GREG since the nnn ointment. Only recently, like in the past week was it replaced by the watch dogs info and new dlc for Titanfall and COD. Total click bait article. Writer is a twit. They will come when update is live for everyone

aragon1456d ago

ive had dark souls since 9pm on the 31st no idea what the fuss is xbone games to be added after june update already been said two weeks ago

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Mikefizzled1456d ago

Jeff Rubenstein has confirmed that the Xbox One Games With Gold will not arrive until after the next system update. The dates for both the update and the availability of the Games With Gold are yet to be confirmed.

GearSkiN1456d ago

Just a glitch in guessing on Xbox 360 darksoul pic is already on the dashboard

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