Dual Currency Microtransaction Scam Comes to Core Gaming

It’s become clear based on recent developments in the game industry as well as countless statements by industry leaders and analysts, that microtransactions will soon be an integral aspect of gaming across the board. Since core gamers will be most affected by the change, it's incumbent upon us to understand how games that are heavy with microtransactions work as well as how they play; and dual currencies are the perfect vehicle for understanding how pay to win games function. Not only are they the most common pay to win scam, but nearly every facet of this ploy’s inner workings reveals how pay to win games are deleterious to quality video games in general.

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wannabe gamer1482d ago

If you dont count mobile/phone games then it isnt as big of a problem. console and pc gaming have issues with it yes, but i think its a much different/worse problem on mobile games.

plus a lot of people use the term pay 2 win too loosely. ive seen games that offer nothing but cosmetics items as paid content and still there are always those people on forums screaming p2w omg pw2

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fenome1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Don't buy into the BS and be VOCAL about how we don't want them, take a stance. Don't just talk about it be about it though, because if you're just talking sh*t about it and still buying them it doesn't make a difference. Vote with your wallets and speak your mind, they'll listen to the $dollar signs$ first, but if those aren't working they'll listen to us.

tee_bag2421482d ago

Same thing goes for playing for online

Vitalogy1482d ago

This is the most disappointing decision on sony's end so far for me. They used the "online MP is free" flag the entire ps3 era against microsoft and then the ps4 comes out and boom, you have to pay to play online.

Now just imagine if they kept the previous status, they would probably have sold almost twice ps4's as they have already.

Ripsta7th1482d ago

@Vitatology- that's not true because PS + started on ps3 offering free games and still does on ps3(free games. Free online) but I and many people knew it was inevitable for Sony to go f2p this gen . At least I hope Sony makes some major upgrades to their servers with the PS + money and don't t forget PS+ is what made XBL better(free games there too )
If they would have kept the same status their servers wouldn't improve

Vitalogy1482d ago

@Ripsta7th Yes I know ps3 online is still free, I was clearly reffering to PS4's online MP, not ps3.

fenome1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Yeah, that's true, but PS+ is worth the money either way. I've been a long time member and have no regrets at all. I don't even really play online but I still subscribe to the service either way, it pays for itself. I was already a Plus member when I got my PS4 so the only difference I saw was new ps+ games on another system I own.

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HardcoreDroid1482d ago

The article links to a boycott. We hope gather a million names.

fenome1482d ago

My name's on it, and I just hopped on the laptop to share the link too, this is real

BillytheBarbarian1482d ago

Don't buy into them. Simple. Too many people will buy anyways because of impatience.

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