Not ALL Whiny Dudes on the Internet

Buddy Acker of SpawnFirst thinks men who confront women about wanting better representation in video games should just shut up.

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Quagmire968d ago

What a terribly written article. Is that all it takes to become a "journalist"?

Sounds like the writer himself is whining alot

KarlosTheKid967d ago

Maybe you should check out some more of his work before you criticize him for not being a "journalist".

People are allowed to combat strong opinions with equally strong opinions.

DanielGearSolid968d ago

Smh... These white knights...

BuddyAcker968d ago

Thanks for the compliment! Oh wait, was that supposed to be an insult? Well, you sir don't know what an insult is!

SegaGamer968d ago

What is with the constant sarcasm ? you were constantly sarcastic in your article and you are being sarcastic on here.

What kind of reaction did you expect to your article when all you do is have a go at people ?

toocoolgames_14968d ago

...I don't even understand the title.

SegaGamer968d ago

First off, i don't understand the title. Secondly, this guy writing this is the one who needs to shut up whining. Thirdly, he needs to grow up. The way he is talking in that article makes him sound like some sort of child.