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Wii U Outsells PS4?, Mario Kart 8 Madness, E3 Smash Bros. Contestants - Week in Review 5/31

Welcome the latest edition of Nintendo Week in Review! Shawn Long hosts the hottest Nintendo weekly webshow there is. Join him as he breaks down the Wii U outselling the PS4 in Japan, Mario Kart 8 releasing, and much more. Be sure to check out the new segment, Retro Game of the Week, and stick around for the best Super Mario Bros. Super Show Rap Dance yet! (3DS, Mario Kart 8, Nintendo DS, PS4, Retro, Wii U)

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Geobros  +   459d ago
Of course Wii U outsells PS4 in japan with the arrival of Mario Kart 8, one of the best games of next gen...
DanManDantheMan  +   459d ago
That was last week though. MK8 didn't release
Geobros  +   459d ago
Yes I know but I wanted to say that japanese were preparing for his arrival. Nest week numbers will be even better...
mikeslemonade  +   459d ago
Anybody saw where the WiiU charted on Amazon U.S? PS4 was #7 when I checked.

Currently WiiU is at #60 while PS4 is #11. So why would you care if the system outsold the PS4 by 1,000 in Japan when the U.S. the PS4 will outsell by 10-20,000 units. Also PS4 outsell the U by 20-30K in Europe.
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No_Limit  +   459d ago
LOL, the one at #60 is the standard Mario and Luigi bundle and not the new Mario Kart 8 bundle.
How can the Wii U Mario Kart 8 bundle be selling if it is not being available to sell?

If you look at site that actually have both the Wii u/Mario Kart 8 bundle and PS4 in stock, the Wii U is currently at#5 and the PS4/XB1 are nowhere to be found in the first 4 pages.
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UltimateMaster  +   458d ago
It outsold by 1500k unit in Japan.
That ain't much.
We'll see how much they'll sell with the arrival with Mario Kart 8.
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RosweeSon  +   458d ago
People get bits and jobs early tho ie console and accessories one week and a game of course to get it all set up and then get another amazing game the following week, what a time to join tho this mario kart is the nuts!
DarthZoolu  +   458d ago
I work at gamestop we sold plenty of MK8 but only one Wii U.
Metallox  +   459d ago
Both quantities are extremely low, though.
Foraoise  +   459d ago
It's a bi title of course it outsold the ps4. I love my ps4, and I don't even have a wii u, but with a release this big, how is it even a surprise? I expect the same with Smash Bros.

When the PS4 releases titles such as InFAMOUS, you'll see spikes in PS4 sales as well.
Theyellowflash30  +   459d ago
Not in Japan at least. North America and Europe for sure.

The only software coming sometime soon for Japan that can really move PS4's is Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15.

And Metal Gear Solid 5, but that's coming to the PS3 too. The PS3 is still going strong in Japan, although it didn't really sell that great compared to the PS2 or PS1 in Japan.
SoulMikeY  +   458d ago
Phantom pain is current gen only, not last.
Realplaya  +   458d ago
You say soon but is there a release date for KH 3 yet. What if it slips into 2015 summer?
Ol_G  +   458d ago
well infamous released last week in japan and the result was wii u selling more with no games out so i wouldn't count on that
hkgamer  +   459d ago
ps4 japan sales has been a little dissapointing. probably need a big japanese realease like ff.

dont want to take the success nintendo is getting though. havent seen the numbers but hopefully this game would help them with sales
Spooney323  +   458d ago
I'm a nintenerd 4evaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
ricochetmg  +   457d ago
To their fans they can do no wrong.
Sincere0121  +   457d ago
To their haters they can do no right
ricochetmg  +   458d ago
The Nintendo apologist are here to defend. When they should be persecuting
R00bot  +   458d ago
Why would they be persecuting good news?
randomass171  +   458d ago
I think he's trying to say Nintendo did something bad to Nintendo fans... but the news in question has nothing to do with that.
Geekman  +   458d ago
WOW. Did NOT expect MK8 to move that many units. Slightly happily surprised. (I own both consoles, hence the "slightly" )
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MotherLight  +   458d ago
The Wii U outsold the PS4 by a mere 1,481 units and you guys are already hailing ultimate success? The system was doing far better in 2013, so now its doing worse with even bigger titles and people are praising this news? It went from horribly poor sales to poor sales, so why is that worth celebrating?

You guys need to wait for the upcoming numbers before you start jumping to conclusions and popping bottles. If you asked me, knowing days before the game released that is still a very poor jump in hardware sales, so to be honest I am not expecting a massive boost this upcoming media create.

I am pretty much expecting similar numbers to SM3DW and expecting a quick fade just the same and the Wii U will be back down again until Smash Bro's releases.

If you look at past numbers, the Wii U sold better in October and November of 2013 without these big titles and still didn't see a major increase even when SM3DW did release, to see the system selling far worse than back then for one of its biggest games is disheartening, it is blowing my mind so many of you are saying this is good news.

Just because it beat the PS4 by barely anything which is also selling extremely bad in Japan right now? I don't get it.
randomass171  +   458d ago
Makes sense that fans would celebrate. I've seen Vita fans celebrate it selling more than Wii U when the difference was less than a thousand units in one region. Get what you can take I suppose.
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NeoTribe  +   458d ago
They outsold by not even 1500 units with one of there biggest releases comming. Thats not impressive. Wii u is crashing and burning, thats why a new console is already in the makes. Wait till ps4 releases uncharted and well see what numbers look like than. Hint: will be far above 1480 units.
lilbroRx  +   458d ago
No, that is "without" ome of the biggest release. These numbers are for before Mario Kart 8 release. We don't have MK8 numbers yet.
thehobbyist  +   458d ago
Ummm, even Sony and Microsoft are developing their next consoles. I'm not sure if you know this, but consoles take A LOT of R&D time. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they were developing new consoles BEFORE they released the PS4, Xbox, Wii U.
eyeofcore  +   458d ago
If there wasn't for Infamous Second Son then PlayStation 4 would have continued to drop and the gap would have been bigger also trying to low ball the fact that Wii U outsold PlayStation 4 by 1500 is hilarious as we can ignore the fact that Wii U sold 20% more than PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 next week will likely drop and Wii U sales will of course rise with release of Mario Kart 8 it will result in major lead for Wii U in sales...

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