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Black Wii U systems phased out in Japan

Consumers in Japan can only choose between two Wii U system options in Japan at present. There’s the original 8GB console released back in 2012, and the 32GB Wii Sports Club bundle featuring tennis, bowling, and golf.
Nintendo’s website confirms that all other Wii U consoles are no longer available in Japan, including the Dragon Quest X and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate packages, and the black/white Instant Play Family Sets. (Dragon Quest X, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Wii U)

UltimateMaster  +   58d ago
Are you serious?
What a joke!
GotHDGame  +   58d ago
Uh, I have the black one, and I would prefer black over any other color. It looks great sitting under my 60inch TV.
Sniperwithacause  +   57d ago
I agree. Looks great sitting right next to the PS4 and and the vita also.
Summons75  +   57d ago
I like my white one. Everything comes in black, it's a really boring color now since EVERYTHING has to be in black. I miss the days when Nintendo's go to color was a see-thru purple, after the snes glory days.
MNGamer-N  +   57d ago
I agree, the white isn't so bad, it reminds me of the old wii and I kind of like that. Might have gotten white if it came in 32 GB. But black is also cool, not sure why they would get rid of it, doesn't make much sense.
Summons75  +   57d ago
Maybe a hint at a new model and or color at E3? Bigger hard drive, new color, maybe a pro-controller bundled in. I kinda doubt it but it's possible
Qrphe  +   57d ago
I like the white one better as well even though I got a black one (8GB was too little).
Summons75  +   57d ago
8gbs is too little but 1tb hard drives are super cheap so I didn't care about the 8gbs, I have like 5 1tb hard drives around my house.
GotHDGame  +   57d ago
White just reminds me of the Iphone, which I do not and never will have. Galaxy for this guy, and its black.
randomass171  +   57d ago
The white color didn't seem so bad. Glossy white actually looks rather nice. Both colors looked alright to me.
No_Limit  +   57d ago
Love the black system, sits perfectly with my PS4, XB1, and X360 in my entertainment system. White seems like a toy color now after the "white" fad of the original ipod faded.
Ghost_Nappa  +   57d ago
LAWSON72  +   57d ago
I think other than black the only color the Wii U would look pretty cool in is blue, or a nice gunmetal/ dark grey with red leds now that would look sick
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BattleN  +   57d ago
@Summons75 sell me one a 1Tg harddrive?
DivineAssault  +   57d ago
Thats just STUPID!

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