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Building Trust: Yoshida, Reggie, and the Emergence of the Mascot Executive

Move over Sackboy, Kevin Butler, and Kratos; All we need is Shu. (3DS, Culture, GameCube, Industry, Next-Gen, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSP, Tech, Wii, Wii U)

DualWielding  +   54d ago
Iwata may be a good 'mascot' he's great in Nintendo Directs.... but being a good mascot doesn't help if you are not actually good at your job and Iwata definetely isn't.... and I don't like Reggie even as mascot
Chrono  +   54d ago
Reggie should have kept his afro, that would make a great mascot.

bass4g  +   54d ago
I don't know, I've always said that e3 will be make or break for iwata. I can tolerate poor sales and a confusing strategy if at the end of the day we get good games and a fair number of them. E3 will show us what nintendo's strategy is moving forward into next year and if that turns out to be quality of life and nothing else then it may be time for iwata to go.
knifefight  +   54d ago
I love Reggie so much.
GodGinrai  +   54d ago
I think its good to have a company man come out, and be the face for the company.

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