Dark Souls II, Two Part Review – Part 1: The Pro | Review on IM PLAYIN

IM PLAYIN takes a look at Dark Souls II from the viewpoint of a veteran of the series.

"For veterans of the Souls series, death is something that we’re used to. We’ve been stabbed, smashed, smeared, poked, dissolved; you name it, we’ve probably died from it. However, to us each death makes us stronger, smarter, and faster. Much like those who play it, the Souls series has learned along the way. It’s gotten more refined since its debut in 2009 with its hit Demon’s Souls, and now developer From Software has pulled out all the stops to create the ultimate Souls experience. Dark Souls 2 is a great game for newcomers to the series (as Alec will discuss), but it’s also an anthem for the fans."

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