The best PS4 games

The PlayStation 4 was only released in November 2013, but the list of must-play games for Sony's new system keeps growing by the month. We've collated some of the most outstanding titles released so far, so check out our choices for what games you need to have for your PS4 by looking at our list below. Since the PS4 is so new, expect to see quite a few additions and changes as the months roll on. Keep checking back on this page to see what our picks for best games on the PS4 are, and in the meantime, let us know what you think of our current choices in the comments below. Gamespot shares its picks for the best ps4 games. Do you agree?

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avengers19781421d ago

KZSF, outlast, resogun, MLB the Show, infamous SS, trials fusion, wolfenstien, watchdogs, and DCUO, are the best IMO.

The future looks good with lots of exclusives(both indie and AAA) the best multiplat form games, NewIPs and sequels... Can't wait for the rest of the year and 2015 should be huge

user14394141420d ago

The Playstation Nation Will Be In Celebration at E3 This Year. XoXoXo I personally cannot wait for it.

KinjoTakemura1420d ago

Add Final Fantasy 14 and Don't Starve to that list.

LOGICWINS1420d ago

Im picking up wolfenstein as soon as the price drops. Hearing great things about the single player.

supes_241420d ago

Logic, it's a single player only game. I just finished it last night and it is by far the best game I've played so far for this gen of consoles. I've played Killzone, Need for Speed Rivals, Knack, inFamous SS, Ryse, Warframe and Resogun and IMO Wolfenstein wins hands down. It's a must play if you ask me. Now I'm about to move on to Watch Dogs later this week.

LOGICWINS1420d ago

That recommendation made me even more excited to get the game! Thanks. Im picking it up soon!

RB2011221421d ago Show
djplonker1420d ago

Octodad and ffxiv are must buys imo!

Jrmy841420d ago

FFXIV is a must buy for sure, Octodad looks different. Resogun is addicting still. I beat every single thing in Infamous SS only have one trophy left that's a platinum one:-)

greenlantern28141420d ago

You get the platinum one for getting all the other trophies, so what other one don't you have?

Jrmy841420d ago

Just looked again missing two beating it on the hardest setting, then I get the platinum oops!

greenlantern28141419d ago

If you haven't already played the evil side do that on the hardest setting. I have always thought it easier to be evil, since you don't have to worry about killing people

Jrmy841418d ago

Yep, exactly what I did. Haven't had time to get back to playing it again though....

rowdyBOY1420d ago

ps4 has games ???

when did that happen ???


PsylentKiller1420d ago

Don't worry, I thought your joke was funny.

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