10 Ways The Kinect Failed Out Of Our Living Rooms

GameInformer- Microsoft had such high hopes for Kinect. Jumping into the giant wake created by Nintendo's smash hit Wii, the Kinect first debuted as the Xbox 360's response to motion-controlled gaming in 2010. A huge marketing push drove early adoption of the peripheral, with sales topping 10 million in just three months. The future looked bright.

So bright, in fact, that Microsoft doubled down by including an enhanced version of the peripheral in the box for Xbox 360's successor, the Xbox One, upon its launch last November. But with Microsoft announcing an Xbox One bundle that removes Kinect from the package, the Kinect's 15 minutes of fame look to be over. With this new reality setting in, we count down 10 ways the Kinect failed Microsoft and consumers.

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corvusmd1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

This may be slightly too presumptuous at this point. True, it may ultimately fail, I don't have some crystal ball to know either way. However, there are roughly 4.5-5 Mil XB1 owners so far that have it, and of those that do, that vast majority like it...even if they never use it for gaming. It also has not been discontinued, they will still bundle it with XB1 if you choose, and they will sell it individually as well. They are still making games for it, and it still plays a nice role with Skype/Twitch. I suspect it will also help out later with AR/VR tech that MS is working on. Saying it has failed out of our living rooms at this point seems like wishful thinking more than fact.

I also notice that most people that say they don't like it, don't have one (which would explain why Gamestop says they saw a boost in XB1 interest since offering XB1 without Kinect). If it's not for you, it's not for harm no foul. However, I actually love it, I don't really game with it much, but the new Kinect is actually pretty impressive tech wise, and it makes navigating the UI really easy. I'm glad that I have one, I wish more people would give it a chance rather than just dismissing it (if they did). Either way, time will tell...

denawayne1390d ago

I have it, use it everyday, and love it. We haven't even gone through an E3 since it's been out. I guarantee there will be Kinect related stuff at the show. MS already said there will be. I'm predicting a VR device that uses Kinect.

Volkama1390d ago

Kinect is too slow for VR.

I like the kinect myself, but the latency can be disjointing even when you can see the world around you and your on screen character is a bit out of sync. When it is your perceived self that isn't responding properly it'd be... Horrible I should think.

DoubleM701390d ago

I love it. It works beautifly and I feel sorry for the people that never gave it a try.

player0021390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

well said bubble up

kewlkat0071390d ago

Is kinect a discontinued product?

ezop1390d ago

No you can still buy it separately ..

strickers1390d ago

Nothing dampens Kinect delusion it seems.

lemoncake1390d ago

Lack of games and no imagination in the ones they produced,just dance and sport related.

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