How Rocksteady and Warner Bros. tamed Batman

AWESOMEoutof10's Fraser Brown takes a look at how Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Games turned Batman into an easy to digest action hero.
"Rocksteady and Warner Bros. have tamed Batman, making him simple and shallow. His weaknesses have been almost entirely removed, his utility belt is a Pandora’s box that can tackle anything and his foes pose primarily physical threats. The Dark Knight and his realm have been boiled down into easily digestible trope-filled experiences that are easy to dip in and out of. Systems replace meaningful exploration of what it really means to be Batman. The counter system, detective mode, experience points — these things make Batman just another video game action hero. Stripped of his vulnerability and complexity, all that makes him stand out is his kinky black costume."

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WizzroSupreme1479d ago

I suppose that's why Arkham's only become such the holy grail to DC fans. He's exactly the kind of old school comic trope that retro fans adore, more unlike Marvel's new, conflicted superhero.

memots1479d ago

teh f0k i just read ?

Ripsta7th1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Translation: Batman has kept it old skool. That's why DC fans adore him. Not like Marvels recent releases of gay superhero movies?? My guess

memots1478d ago

Lol , yeah that what I read as well, but wtf , still doesn't make much sense

theshredded1479d ago

This gen starts when Batman Arkham Knight releases

DVAcme1478d ago

Really? Let me count the ways the Arkham series is NOT the shallow experience this article paints it to be:
-With all three games so far, we get a complete three arc story between Batman and The Joker: beginning, the heat of it and ending.
-Awesome incarnations of all of Batman's greatest foes with none of them being lame or out of character. They managed to make Calendar Man creepy, Mad Hatter entertaining and disturbing and The Riddler a genuine threat. That's saying something.
-The game explores Batman's character flaws MASSIVELY. He's stubbornly independent and pig-headed, spare with the gratitude and blunt. These flaws cause a lot of grief to him and his allies, and are very much in character.
-The aesthetic of the games is possibly the best of any incarnation. Gotham truly seems like hell on Earth and an oyster ripe for picking by the criminal element.
-The games reference both famous Batman stories and loads of shoutouts to other elements of the DC universe.
-The games have spawned actual comics and even an upcoming DC Animated feature set in the Arkhamverse.

If this guy really was a fan of Batman, he'd sing nothing but praises for the games, period. I dare say I just wrote in this forum a better examination of the games than he did. Here's waiting for Arkham Knight, my current candidate for GOTY.

renerak1478d ago

its exactly because he is a fan and is well versed with batman that he see's so much fault and potential for improvement. Asylum was the best so far, the rest is kinda weak for many many reasons. They are still the best batman games undoubtedly.

renerak1478d ago

I just hope its not lifeless city in arkham knight. And i mostly agree, they could improve a lot of things in the game. Its because the games are good is the fact thats dissapointing, to see so much potential and yet. Ofcourse most of the improvements will ask for a longer devolopment time which most publishers dont want them take.