Iwata Laughs: Mario Kart 8

A recently discovered journal found at Nintendo’s headquarters is home to a variety of never-before-seen Iwata Asks transcripts. As a journalist, I feel that it is my duty to inform the public about these revelations and explore the mind of Iwata in order to gain a deep insight into the workings of Nintendo. These undisclosed transcripts range from recent years all the way back to the ’90s, with Iwata laughing in every single one of them.

Today’s entry is discussion about the upcoming Mario Kart 8. Iwata interviews the development team and they all give an insight into the development.

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MNGamer-N1661d ago

So fake. But nice try anyway. By the way, loving Mario Kart! It exudes entertainment joy, and is impossible to hate anything about it. A+

Metallox1661d ago

59 FPS? That's a huge difference from 60!!! This game is a piece of s*it!

MNGamer-N1661d ago

So silly. You don't notice a damn thing, it's smooth as butter. I'm starting to think all these FPS 1080p nerds don;t even enjoy playing a fun game anymore.

BattleN1661d ago

Even if you lose it's still fun! I had a rave where I was was gliding to the finish when suddenly I was struck by a red shell that caused me to plummet and lose my place!

deafdani1660d ago

Your stunning ability of letting jokes gracefully soar above your head amazes me, sir.

MNGamer-N1660d ago

Who me? Nah I got the joke. I wasn't talking about him specifically being a FPS nerd, just the other nerds who are always complaining about these sorts of things.

deafdani1660d ago

Oh, gotcha. Got Mario Kart 8 yet? :3

1661d ago
BeatTheBullies1661d ago

4k 120FPS or no buy. I don't even care if the game is good just want those pixels lol jk

SoulMikeY1661d ago

I know you're joking, but I fear in the future, idiots will really say that...

And MK8 is straight dopeness. Love this game.

deafdani1660d ago

What future? A lot of idiots are already saying that nowadays.

Metallox1661d ago

This. Also with 3 trillion polygons.

Geobros1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

"Miyamoto: Erm, 720p native and someone actually found out it was 59FPS?

Iwata: 59? [Laughs] Pre-order cancelled. [Walks out]"

Haha!!! I can't stop laughing here!! I like much those Iwata laughs by Nenthusiast as it gives us many information with a bit of humor. I enjoyed it...