Exclusive MGS4 Snake/Vamp/Octopus Cutscene Preview (shakycam footage) -spoilers-

Here's some exclusive footage on youtube from TUS member FOXHOUNDER.

It depicts a cutscene found in the game during Act 2 of MGS4 (never before seen).

WARNING: SPOILERS if you've not been following MGS4 media.


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sonarus3609d ago

Thanks for the spoilers...but no thanks

AlterEgo3609d ago


I tried to resist watching, but I caved in.

It's not 'that' big of a spoiler.

If you know about the locations and been on the official MGS4 teaser site, this is just icing on the cake.

They've already had some of this dialogue on the site. (Vamps line)

The Wood3609d ago

On playr, the gamer tv replacement, and there were a couple semi spoilers in there. Don't watch if your on some media blackout type thing. The same show reviewed Grid and gave it an 8/10

Wildarmsjecht3609d ago

Its only 11 days from today till it comes out. I'll wait and not shaft myself. Kbye.

fishd3609d ago

come on man,come on,be strong you can resist,push yourself,harder,harder

damn i watched it

da7dal3609d ago

I am so weak i couldnt

Tetsuryu3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

Nothing major here, it's only a preview of a cutscene.

AlterEgo3609d ago

I don't see what's the big deal. Nothing is spoiled.

IT'S ON TV for crying out loud!

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The story is too old to be commented.