How to get Plants vs Zombies and Battlefield 3 for PC and Surface Pro – For Free

Who doesn’t like a nice Garden? And if there are pesky Zombies threatening to tear it up and eat your brains, well, you’re just going to have to deal with them.

It’s been 5 years since PopCap released their signature Tower Defense game, and it’s been a huge hit all over the world, on PC’s, Macs and all three major mobile operating systems. Chances are you own at least one version of the game, but if you don’t happen to have it on your PC or Surface Pro, this is your lucky day!

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Milesprowers1424d ago

Plants Vs Zombies 1 is much better then that ugly vile stinky smelly micro purchase smelly Plants Vs Zombies 2

Did I mention Plants Vs Zombies 2 is crap?

diesoft1424d ago

I did love the first game but did you know they made a second one? I haven't played it yet myself, but from your post it looked like you didn't realize there was a second Plants Vs Zombies. There is!

diesoft1423d ago

Lol, 3 people are idiots!

BattleAxe1423d ago

You can download BF3 and PvZ on Origin for free. They started their "On the House" monthly promotion a couple of months ago. The first game they gave away for free was Deadspace, but it changes every month.

Alex_Boro1423d ago

Misleading title. It says you can get the Microsoft surface pro for free but you can't.

jguzmanr811423d ago

Title is pretty clear IMO

Alex_Boro1423d ago

Says, "How to get Plants vs Zombies and Battlefield 3 for PC and Surface Pro – For Free" They said you can get Surface Pro for free just read it

Metamorph931423d ago

They're saying you can get the game for PC and Surface Pro free, not the Surface Pro free. Just think of the title saying this: How to get Plants vs Zombies and Battlefield 3 free for PC and Surface Pro.

jguzmanr811423d ago

I don't know about your argument here - to me it sounds like the games, which are FOR PC and Surface ... are the title out loud 3 times